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MMS Vocabulary 2

Concede To acknowledge as true or real, often unwillingly
Deceased No longer living; dead
Egress A path or means of going out; an exit
Graduation A degree or stage in a series of gradual changes
Gradient A degree to which something inclines; slope
Predecessor Someone or something that comes before another in time especially in office or position; forerunner
Regress To go back; return to a previous condition
Secession The act of withdrawing formally from membership in an organization, association or union
Transgress To go beyond or over a limit or boundary. To act in violation of, as a law
Unprecedented Not having occurred before; without precedent; a novel
Analogous Similar in certain qualities, circumstances, or uses. Similar in function but not in origin and structure. Similarities in things that are different
Antithesis Direct contrast or opposition. Sharply contrasting ideas in balanced or parallel words, phrases or grammatical structures
Comparable Having similar or equivalent traits; worthy or capable of comparison
Deviate To differ or move away from a specified course or prescribed mode of behavior, diverge
Differentiate To serve as a distinction between. To understand perceive or show the differences in or between. To make distinctions;discriminate
Disparity The condition or fact of being unequal in age, rank, or degree; difference
Heterogeneous Consisting of dissimilar elements or parts; miscellaneous; varied
Homogenous Consisting of elements of a similar or related nature. Uniform in structure or composition
Nuance A subtle or slight degree of difference as in meaning, color, or tone; a delicate shading; graduation
Tantamount Equivalent in significance, effect, or value
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