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Enlightenment Test17

Ms. Robinson's Test

Enlightened thinkers favored ? The application of science to analyze and understand all aspects of humanity.
Examples of growing interest in study were evident except ? Academic centers for the study of quantum physics.
In the religious sphere, there was a shift to ? Use science to explain God's creations in the universe by observing nature - not Biblical explanations.
Who provided a link between the scientists and philosophes ? Bernard de Fontenelle.
Immanuel Kant is associated with all except ? For the quotation, "Man of born free, yet everywhere he is in chains."
Bayle's Historical and Critical Dictionary was work demonstrating ? New rational principles of textual criticism should be applied to all writing genre, including the Bible.
French philosophes were intellectuals who ? Intended to change the world by advancing reason and rationality.
Philosophes saw no benefit to society when the masses were not ? Adopting Deism as the new, true religion.
John Locke's argued that a person's character was shaped by their ? Environment.
Which is NOT associated with John Locke ? The Social Contract declared that government needed to abide to the,"... general will of the people."
Isaac Newton & John Locke provided inspiration for the Enlightenment by ? Providing reasons and methods that would allow a brace new world to emerge.
The Spirit of the Laws explained the need for all the following except ? Two distinct houses within the legislative branch.
Missionary reports brought skepticism about the "truths" of Christianity due to ? Accounts comparing old and new world cultures.
In Voltaire's, Philosophic Letters to the English, he ? Expressed admiration for the English regarding freedom of the press, religious toleration, and their political structure.
Which was NOT a belief of Deists ? God answered prayers directed to him in song.
Which statement applies to Encyclopedia after the price was greatly reduced ? It had significant influence in the philosophe's battle against religious fanaticism and intolerance.
Which philosophe supported the idea of "social sciences" with his book, Treatise on Human Nature ? David Hume.
The best statement about laissez-faire was by Adam Smith, it explained about all being true except ? One role of government needed to be a watchguard over business' within its nation.
Which philosophe expressed the idea that human perfectability was limitless ? Marquis de Conforcet.
The main points argued in d'Holbach's System of Nature were that ? Men were machines and God was a product of the human mind and therefore unnecessary for leading a moral life.
Which of the following works, expressed Rousseau's political ideas on the principle of "general will" ? The Social Contract.
For Rousseau, what was the source of inequality and the chief cause of crimes ? Private property.
Rousseau's novel, Emile, dealt with these key Enlightenment themes ? Proper child rearing and human education.
Which statement did NOT apply to the significance of salons ? Were open to public for merchants and businessmen of the 3rd Estate to attend.
Which group used salons to promote and raise money for the publication of women's writings ? Middle class women in London, England.
The author of The Vindication of Women's Rights was ? Mary Wollstonecraft.
The Rococo style of art fused with Baroque in ? The architecture of Balthasar Neumann throughout Germany and Bohemia.
Choose the correct relationship between the artist and his work . Antoine Watteau - Pilgrimage to Cythera.
European music was well characterized by ? Haydn and Mozart, who caused a shift in the musical center from Italy to Austria.
Johann Sebastian Bach ? - Was a contemporary of George Fredrick Handel - Produced religious music - Was best known for his cantatas and motets
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was considered the most innovative musician who accomplished all except ? Writing The Creation and The Seasons dedicated to commoners.
Most secondary scholars in Europe were ? Elitist and designed to serve the needs of upper class society.
The 18th century produced an expansion of the reading public in the form of ? - Magazines - Daily newspapers - Publishing houses - Libraries
Literacy rates among the upper 3rd Estate in France reveal they ? Improved for males substantially while those for women remained very low.
What was the most significant change in writing histories ? The removal of God as the main factor of change with a new focus on events themselves.
Writers used this new form of literacy expression to attack hypocrisies ? Fictional Novels.
In Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, the author gave the chief cause for the end of the Romans as ? Apathy in civic responsibility due to the growth of Christianity.
What became the international language in European high culture ? Latin.
It was NOT common practice for judicial courts to use ? Psychological methods such as hypnosis and meditation on trial witnesses.
Changes in the legal system were due to the author of On Crimes and Punishments, who wrote that essay ? Cesare Beccaria.
University graduate physicians held the highest rank with surgeons , which occupation had they previously held ? Barber.
The Carnival of the Mediterranean world was ? A period of gross excesses in the consumption of alcohol, food, and sexual activity.
The Jews of Europe ? Were the most free to participate in banking and commercial activities in tolerant cities.
How did the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews differ ? The first were from Eastern Europe and the second had been ousted from Spain in the late 1400s.
John Wesley ? Created and controlled his evangelical Methodist church using revivalist techniques.
Religious movement that was a response to the stagnation of Protestantism ? Pietism.
Which was NOT true regarding the religious world for the masses ? Both urban and rural churches had substantial losses in membership.
Which realm can we understand the quote "... progress in arts and sciences did not promote progress in morality, since it took humans out of their natural state." ? Popular culture due to social gatherings at taverns, cabarets, and festivals.
Famous quotes that came out of the era except ? "The important thing is, not to stop questioning."
Created by: AyeeGiovanni