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Verbal Skills Reveiw


prefixes quint- and pent- means five
prefix sext- means six
prefix sept- means seven
prefix oct- means eight
prefix nov- means nine
prefix proto- means first
what does logos or ology mean words or the study of something
cide-kill is the opposite of viv-... live, alive
inter-between is the oppsite of intra-... within
auto-... self
sophos-... wisdom
bilio-... book
bio-... life
anthropos-... people
morph-... form
graph-... white,draw
potens/potent-... power
dissident most nearly means... a.loyal b.weak c.feeble d.rebellious feeble
acumen most nearly means... A.dullness B.intelligence C.excatness D.precision intelligence
Garrulous most nearly means... A.talkative B.cheerful C.happy D.silent B. talkative
Diminutive A.faded B.small C.dark D.dull small
Corpulent A.weak B.fat C.sickly D.thin fat
Freedom is to independence as purity is to innocence
trust is to doubt as confess is to deny
ship is to sea as sprinter is to track
belligerent is to war as pacific is to peace
Actor is to movie as musician is to symphony
Mars is to venus as A.Monday is to August B.The moon is to night C.January is to March D.winter is to cold January is to March
useless is to need as A.Protien is to nutrition B.tacit is to sound C.intrigue is to plot D.durable is to sponge tacit is to sound
Pots is to pans as A.dishes is to silverware B.skillet is to ham C.stop is to snap D.kettle is to corn stop is to snap
Fish is to Automobile as A.boot is to camp B.tank is to garage C.filet is to axle D. bowl is to box tank is to garage
Stationery is to write as A.ambulatory is to left B.sationary is to right C.ceremony is to rite D.unsatisfactory is to wrong stationary is to right
i didnt want to beleve the story but the wealt of details made it ... A.negligible B.libel C.plausible plausible
Created by: MaritzaC
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