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pre test questions w

terms got wrong

andr(o) male or masculine
-phylaxis protection
phleb(o) vein
phot(o) light
-pnea breathing
phren(o) mind or diaphram
-phoresis transmission
per- through or by
-ptosis prolapse
pod(o) foot
-pexy surgical fixation
erythr(o) red
neur(o) nerve
ped(o) child
-dynia pain
-ectasia dilation,enlargement,stretching
-ectomy incision
-edema swelling
-emesis vomit
lys(o) destruction,dissolving
-lysis freeing,loosing,distroying
-oid resembling
-algia pain
-centesis surgical punture
-rrhage excessive bleeding
-rraphy suture
-rrexis rupture
-stasis stopping
-stomy formation of an opening
-tome instument used for cutting
-tripsy surgical cutting
-oasis condition disease
-emia cell
-eum, -ium membrain, membrain
hist(o) tissue
-iac one who suffers
kinesi(o) movement
log(o) knowledge,words
mega- large,inlarged
narc(o) stupor
-opia vision
-ose sugar
phag(o) eat,ingest
phas(o) speech
plas(o) formation,development
ante- before in time
contra- against
dia- through
diplo- double
dys- bad,difficult
ecto-,ex-,extra- out,without,away from
en-,end-,endo-, inside,inside,inside
epi- above,on
hypo- below normal
in- inside
infra- beneath,under
inter- between
intra- within
ipsi- same
macro- large
per- through
pre- in place
quad-, tetra- four,four
retro- behind,backward
super-, supra-, super(o) above,beyond,excessive
sym-, syn- joined together
anter(o) front
crani(o) skull
dist(o) distant,far
dors(o) back,backside,toward back
herni(o) hernia
infer(o) lower most
som(a),somat(o) body, body
tel(e) distant,far
-ant that which causes
-ate to cause an action
chrom(o) color
-cidal killing
hem(a),hemat(o) blood,blood
iatr(o) pysician,treatment
idi(o) individual
is(o) equal
kary(o) nucleus
morph(o) shape,form
atel(o) imperfect
-action process
embol(o) embolus
olig(o) few,scanty
vesic(o) bladder,blister
-blast immature,embryonic,form
-cyesis pregnancy
par(o) bearing offspring
ankyl(o) stiff
-asthenia weakness
calcane(o) calcaneus(heel bone)
carp(o) carpus
chondr(o) cartilage
-clasia break
cost(o) costae
myel(o) bone marrow
spondyl(o) vertebrae
tars(o) ankle
-esthesia sensitivity to pain
kerat(o) cornea,hard,horny
lacrim(o) tear
ment(o) middle
ocul(o) eye
heli(o) sun
-phoresis transmission
pil(o), tric(o) hair,hair
-physis growth
trop(o) to stimulate
Created by: winterire