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Empires of Mesopotamia

Who were city-states prone to attack by? nomads
Why did Lugal-gals replace priests as rulers of the city-states? they needed stronger military leaders
Lugal-gals eventually would become kings if they won battles, what did kings rule over? city-states
What did more powerful city-states taking over other city-states lead to? the creation of empires
When was the time period that the Akkadian Empire existed? 2300- 2100 BCE
Which king was the first one to unite the city-states of Sumer into an empire? Sargon of Akkad
What time did the Akkadian Empire get started? circa 2300 BCE
Why was Sargon's empire unstable? conquered city-states continued to fight for independence and Akkad was frequently invaded by rival warriors
Where in Mesopotamia did the power shift after the Akkadian empire fell? north, south, north, south
To which groups of people did the fout power shifts go to after the Akkadian empire fell? Assyrian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Babylonian
Who ruled the first Assyrian empire? Shamshi, Adad
Who ruled the first Babylonian Empire? Hammurabi
Who ruled the New Assyrian empire? Tiglath-Pilesar III
Who ruled the Neo-Babylonian empire? Nebuchadnezzar
Who ruled the Persian empire? Cyrus the Great
What were Assyrians known for? being ruthless warriors and killers
What lands did the New Assyrian empire cover? lands from the Persian Gulf to Egypt to present-day Turkey
Why did the New Assyrian empire fall? rebellions became difficult to control
What's the other name of the Neo-Babylonian empire? Chaldeon empire
When did Nebuchadnezzar rule? 605-562 BCE
What were Neo-Babylonians known for being under Nebuchadnezzar's rule? great traders and conquerors
Why was Nebuchadnezzar able to gain control of the trade gateway of the Medditeranean Sea? due to his conquests
What was Babylonian Captivity? when the Jews were sent to be slaves in Babylon
Which god's temple did Nebuchadnezzar burm? the Jewish god King Solomon
What were some Neo-Babylonian achievements? wealth from conquests, the Hanging Gardens, Astronomy
Why did the Neo-Babylonian empire fall? the empire had many enemies and Cyrus the Great conquered it
When did Cyrus the Great capture the Neo-Babylonian empire? 539 BCE
Was Cyrus the Great a Persian ruler? yes
What did ending Babylonian Captivity do for Cyrus? it won him the gratitude of the Jews
Who ended Babylonian Captivity? Cyrus the Great
How long did Cyrus's vast Persian empire last? the next 200 years
Which civilizations was Assur the center of power for? first Assyria and New Assyria
Which empire exiled peole from their homes to prevent rebellion? New Assyria
Which civilization used governers, judges, and tax collectors? first Babylonia
Which civilization developed cuneiform? Sumer
Which empire did the Chaldeons and Medes join together to overthrow? New Assyria
Who were early city-states ruled by? priests
Which civilzation's city-states did priests rule? Sumer
Which civilization had a new oranized and unified set of laws set up? first Babylonia
Which empire(s) captured major cities? New Assyria and Neo-Babylonia
Which civilization invented writing by using pictographs? Sumer
Which civilizations was Babylon the center of power for? first Babylonia and Neo-Babylonia
Which early Mesopotamian civilizations was(were) in southern Mesopotamia? Sumer, First Babylonia, Neo-Babylonia
Which early Mesopotamian civilizations was in northern Mesopotamia First Assyria and New Assyria
Which year did 12 Great Sumerian city-states exist by? 3000 BCE
During which years did Hammurabi of Babylon rule? 1792–1750 BCE
When was the ziggurat at Ur constructed 2600 BCE
When did groups of hunters-gatherers settle along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and start farming? 8500 BCE
When were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are constructed? 600 BCE
When did the Sumerians invent the wheel and the sailboat to help them transport goods? 3500 BCE
When did writers simplify pictographs into wedge-shaped cuneiform? 2500 BCE (or c. 2400)
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