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med abbreviations/measurements and study guide questions

ac before meals
pc after meals
cc cubic centimeter
qh every day
gr grain
stat immediately, at once
p after or post
s without
c with
Gm gram
OS left eye
OD right eye
OU both eyes
AS left ear
AD right ear
AU both ears
QOD every other day
QD every day
bid twice a day
tid three times a day
BP blood pressure
NPO nothing by mouth
wgt weight
prn as needed
gtt drop
mg milligram
oz ounce
ung ointment
supp suppository
qid 4 times a day
cap capsule
ASA aspirin
LiCo3 Lithium Carbonate
Na sodium
d/c discontinue
kg kilogram
L liter
mm millimeters
cc cubic centimeters
mg milligram
ml Milliliter
qh every hour
sc or sq subcontaneous
PO by mouth
SL sublinqual
pr per rectum
1 teaspoon = _____cc 5cc
1 tablespoon = _____tsp = _____cc 3 tsp, 15 cc
1 ounce = ___tbl = _____cc 2 tbl, 30 cc
1 kilogram = ________grams 1000
1 gram = ______milligrams 1000
1 milligram = _____micrograms 1000
0.5 grams = ____grams = _____ milligrams 1/2 grams, 500 milligrams
65 milligrams = ___grain 1 grain
1 liter = ______ milliliters 1000
1 meter = ______ millliliters 1000
liter measures ______ volume
meter measures _______ length
gram measures _______________ weight
When admininstering meds, the labels need to be checked against the MAR 3 times before med is passed. these are: Before pouring the med Immediately after pouring the med Before administering med
the 4 links in the chain of infection are? a germ a place for germ to live a susceptible host a way for the germ to enter the host
what are three different ways a germ can enter host: direct contact Indirect contact Airborne contact
the 7 rights of medication administration are: right person, right med, right dose, right time, right route, right to know, right to refuse
What is the 8th right of med administration? the right documenation
Sources of medication are plants, animals, minerals, factories, microorganmisms
What 3 places do Schedule II drugs need to be recorded? MAR Individual Narcotic Record Bound Book
Created by: miss moo