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RBSG Army Programs


What does ASAP stand for? Army Substance Abuse Program
What army Regulation covers ASAP? AR 600-85
What is the mission of ASAP? The ASAP’s mission is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army’s total workforce and to enhance the combat readiness of its Soldiers.
What are the ways that Soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem? Voluntary (self-identification) Commander / Supervisor Identification Biochemical Identification Medical Identification Investigation and or Apprehension
Will Soldiers who are command referred to ASAP be flagged? Yes, IAW AR600-8-2 (Suspension of Favorable Personnel Action (flags)).
What Does ACS stand for? Army Community Service
What does the ACS symbol represent? The heart = giving, the cross = help, the gyroscope = stability
What Army regulation covers ACS? AR 608-1
What is the motto of the ACS? Self-help, service and stability.
What regulation covers the ACES? AR 621-5
What regulation covers Army Learning Centers? AR 621-6
What does TABE stand for? Test of Adult Basic Education
Name some federal financial aid programs available to Soldiers through ACES Pell Grant Perkins Loans Guaranteed Student Loans
What does DANTES stand for? Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
What is AER? AER is a private, nonprofit organization to collect and hold funds to relieve distress of members of the Army and their dependents. AER provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers (active and retired) and their families in time of distress.
What is the Army Regulation that covers AER? AR 930-4
What is the purpose of AER? AER provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers (active and retired) and their families in time of distress.
What is the AER Motto? "Helping the Army Take Care Of its Own"
If someone has been sexually assaulted, to whom may they report the crime? Their chain of command. Medical Treatment Facility. Military Police/Criminal Investigation Division. Chaplains.
What does EO stand for? Equal Opportunity
What is an EOR? EqualOpportunity Representative
What Army Regulation covers the EO program? AR 600-20 chapter 6
Soldiers are required to have how many periods of EO training per year? 4 (1 each quarter)
What does AFAP stand for? Army Family Action Plan
What Army Regulation covers the Army Family Action Plan? AR 608-47
What Army Regulation covers Red Cross? AR 930-5
What Army Regulation covers the Army Retention Program? AR 601-280
What AR covers safety? AR 385-10
What Army Regulation covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program? AR 600-8-8
What are the six elements of the sponsorship program? 1. DA Form 5434.M 2. Welcome letter. 3. ACS Relocation Readiness Services. 4. Reception. 5. Orientation. 6. Inprocessing.
What Does DEERS stand for? Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.
What Army Regulation covers NCODP? AR 350-1 Chap 4
What does NCODP stand for? Non commissioned Officer Development Program
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