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Exam 1

Flash cards

What is near to the surface Superficial
Horizontal of cross wise plane Tranverse
organization of many similar cells Tissue
The Study of functions of structure physiology
when the body is erect and facing forward with arms supinated at the sides and palms of the hands and feet facing forward anatomical position
what are the subcavities of the dorsal cavity cranial and spinal cavity
ventral cavity contains thoracic, pleural and abdominopelvic cavities
The study of disease and disorders pathophysiology
poli/o gray
My/o muscle
Brady slow
tachy fast
dys painful
anti against
towards the feet inferior
frontal plane is also known as coronal
left and right lower regions are called right and left iliac region
trachea, heart and blood vessels are located in what cavity thoracic cavity
stomach,liver,gallbladder,spleen,pancreas,small intestines and colon are apart of what cavity abdominal cavity
seperates the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavity diaphragm
itis inflammation
away from point of origin distal
nearest to the point of origin proximal
bone marrow or spinal cord myel/o
face up, palms up supine position
consistency of internal environment homeostasis
prediction of outcome of a disease prognosis
what plane divides the body into superior and inferior parts transverse
towards the front anterior
what body cavity contains the lungs pleural
middle region of the body umbilical region
what region is above the umbilical region epigastric
the region above the right iliac right lumbar region
another word for anterior ventral
towards the head superior
rapid onset, a severe course and relatively short duration acute
identification of a disease dianosis
qualities of a adult male virile
disease caused by fungus mycosis
study of ear,nose and throat otorhinolarynology
lower blood pressure hypotension
study of structures of the body anatomy
to collapse, lay flat, exhuastion prostrate
heartburn pyrosis
face up palms up supinated
face down palms down pronate
discharge or formation of puss suppuration
prostate glands are part of what system male reproductive system
swelling caused by an abnormal accumalation of fluid edema
decreased hypo
excessive or increased hyper
higher than normal blood pressure hypertension
4 geometric planes saggital,midsaggital,transverse,coronal
divides the body or parts into right and left sides saggital
divides the body into equal right and left sides midsaggital(median plane)
divides the body or parts into anterior and posterior parts coronal(frontal plane)
a transverse cut that is at angles to the long axis of the organ cross section
towards the midline of the body medial
toward the side of the body lateral
farther away from the surface deep
what cavity contains the heart pericardial cavity
temporary, partial,or complete dispperance of the symptoms of a disease remission
objective evidence of disease such as a fever sign
subjective evidence of a disease such as pain symptom
set of signs and symptoms that occur together as a part of a specific disease process syndrome
condition is of long duration chronic
abbreveation of diagnosis DX
pain algia
surgical sutturing rraphy
cutting or surgical incision otomy
surgical removal ectomy
surgical repair plasty
surgical creation of an artificial opening to the body surface ostomy
surgical fixation pexy
loosen or dissolve lysis
visula examination scopy
process of producing a picture or recording graphy
to bind or tie together desis
picture or record gram
excessive bleeding rrhage
flow or discharge rrhea
rupture rrhexis
before pre
surrounding peri
after post
away from ab
pertaining to ac
founder of comparitive anatomy aristotle
father of anatomy(school of alexandria) herophilius
father of modern anatomy andreas vesalius
smallest living units of structures and function in our body cells
organization of several different kinds of tissues organs
smallest level of organization in the human body chemical
liver hepat/o
stomach gastr/o
means inside or within intra
means in between or among inter
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