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ch. 10 and 11clh

1. political party group of people with the same political ideas
2. nominate group of people with the same political ideas
3. candidate person seeking office
4. platform general statement of a parties beliefs
5. plank a parties belief on a specific issue
6. third parties any party other than the Dem or Rep
7. two party system only 2 major parties
8. one party system only one major party
9. liberal more ready to change
10. conservative less ready to change
11. grassroots starting with the people
12. coalition when 2 or more parties act together
13. radical an extreme
14. moderate a middle of the road position
15. political machine a very strong political organization
16. primary election party chooses its candidate state by state
17. general election winner gets the office
18. recall election vote to remove a public official
19. run-off election election between the top 2 vote-getters
20. precinct small voting district
21. partisan supporting your party or their idea
22. campaign canidates seeking votes
soft money money not given directly to the canidate
24. plurality the most but not a majority
25. proposition when the state ask permission of the voters to do something
26. polling place where voters vote
27. caucus a meeting to decide a political question/issue
bias to favor
apathy don't care
30. spectrum a wide range of something
31. propaganda ideas used to persuade
lobby to try to persuade
electorate eligible voters
ballot what a person votes on
35. incumbent person holding office
exit poll asking people their opinion
interest group collection of voters with a mutual cause
PAC organization that collects money to give to certain candidates
split ticket voting for candidates from both parties
straight ticket voting for candidates from only one party
Created by: kody11
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