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The most superficial muscle in the posterior neck and superior half of the posterior trunk. TRAPEZIUS
What is the proximal attachment of trapezius? SUPERIOR NUCHAL LINE & OCCIPITAL PROTUBERANCE
What are the lateral attachment points of trapezius? CLAVICLE, ACROMION, SPINE OF SCAPULA
The actions of scapula are complex due to this feature of its muscle fibers. THEY RUN IN MULTIPLE DIRECTIONS
What is the action of the superior/descending fibers of trapezius? ELEVATE SHOULDER
What is the action of the middle fibers of trapezius? RETRACT SCAPULA
What is the action of the inferior/ascending fibers of trapezius? DEPRESS SHOULDER
What is the action of the combined contraction of the superior and inferior fibers of trapezius? ROTATES SHOULDER UPWARD, THUS SHOULDER ABDUCTION
What nerve innervates trapezius? ACCESSORY NERVE
Accessory nerve is also anatomically Cranial Nerve ___ XI (eleven)
CN XI branches off of what two ventral rami? C3 and C4
A man is stabbed in the neck just laterally and to the right of the spinous processes of C3 and C4. He will no longer be able to A) elevate his left shoulder B) retract his left scapula C) depress his right shoulder? C) depress his right shoulder
A woman is involved in a MVA where the force of impact causes the seatbelt restraint across her left shoulder to fracture her clavicle and the bony serrated edge of the fracture further lacerates this artery: SUBCLAVIAN
Loss of blood through the subclavian artery will affect this MUSCLE ultimately via this ARTERY: TRAPEZIUS via the SUPERFICIAL BRANCH OF THE TRANSVERSE CERVICAL ARTERY
If our teachers are really mean they’ll ask us what branch of the subclavian artery does the superficial branch of the transverse cervical artery branch off of and we will reply: THYROCERVICAL TRUNK OF THE SUBCLAVIAN!
This is the most superficial muscle in the posterior half of the posterior trunk. LATISSIMUS DORSI
What are the proximal attachment points of latissimus dorsi? spinous processes of T7-T12
What are the distal attachment points of latissimus dorsi? THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA (LUMBAR AND SACRAL SPINOUS PROCESSES)
What is the lateral attachment point of latissimus dorsi? POSTERIOR 1/3 OF ILIAC CREST
What is the lateral attachment point of latissimus dorsi? INTERTUBERCULAR GROOVE OF THE HUMERUS
Innervation of latissimus dorsi is supplied by this nerve. THORACODORSAL NERVE
The thoracodorsal nerve is a branch off of what part of the brachial plexus? POSTERIOR CORD
This artery provides blood to latissimus dorsi. THORACODORSAL ARTERY
Tarzan is swinging through the trees when suddenly a python starts to constrict around his shoulder, cutting off his circulation. The python is constricting what artery? AXILLARY ARTERY
Blood supply from the axillary artery to latissimus dorsi follows this route: AXILLARY -> SUBSCAPULAR -> THORACODORSAL
This muscle is strap-like and lies deep to the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles in the lateral aspect of the neck. LEVATOR SCAPULAE
The proximal attachment points of levator scapulae are: C1-C4 VERTEBRAE
The distal attachment point of levator scapulae is: MEDIAL BORDER OF SCAPULA
What is the main action of levator scapulae? ELEVATE THE SCAPULA
Bilateral contraction of the levator scapulae muscles causes what? NECK EXTENSION
Unilateral contraction of levator scapulae causes what? IPSILATERAL SIDEBENDING OF NECK
What innervates levator scapulae? C3 & C4 VENTRAL RAMI
What 3 arteries provide blood to levator scapulae? DORSAL SCAPULAR, TRANSVERSE CERVICAL, ASCENDING CERVICAL ARTERIES
These muscles lie deep to trapezius and aid in retraction of the scapula as well as elevation and rotation of the scapula so that the glenoid cavity faces inferiorly. RHOMBOID MAJOR & MINOR
This rhomboid attaches to C7 & T1 spinous processes RHOMBOID MINOR
This rhomboid attaches to T2-T5 spinous processes RHOMBOID MAJOR
This artery provides blood to the rhomboids DORSAL SCAPULAR ARTERY
This nerve innervates the rhomboids DORSAL SCAPULAR NERVE
This space’s borders are formed by trapezius (medially), medial border of the scapula (laterally) and latissimus dorsi (inferiorly) and allows access to the space between the 6th and 7th ribs. TRIANGLE OF AUSCULTATION
This space’s borders are formed by latissimus dorsi (medially), external abdominal oblique (laterally), the iliac crest of the pelvis (inferiorly). The internal abdominal oblique lies in the floor of this space. LUMBAR TRIANGLE (OF PETIT)
What muscle lies just deep to the rhomboids? SERRATUS POSTERIOR SUPERIOR
The aponeurosis of the inferior ligamentum nuchae forms the A) LATERAL or B) MEDIAL attachment point for serratus posterior superior? B) MEDIAL
The superior borders of ribs 2-5 form the A) lateral or B) medial attachment point for serratus posterior superior? A) LATERAL
What is the primary action of serratus posterior superior? INSPIRATION: ELEVATES RIBS 2-5
How is serratus posterior superior innervated? UPPER INTERCOSTAL NERVES
What arteries supply blood to the serratus posterior superior? DORSAL BRANCH OF POSTERIOR INTERCOSTAL ARTERIES
What muscle lies just deep to latissimus dorsi? SERRATUS POSTERIOR INFERIOR
What is the medial attachment point of serratus posterior inferior? SPINOUS PROCESSES OF T11-L2/3
What is the lateral attachment point of serratus posterior inferior? INFERIOR BORDER OF RIBS 9-12
Primary action of serratus posterior inferior? INSPIRATION: PULLS DOWN ON RIBS 9-12
Serratus posterior inferior is innervated by: THE LOWER INTERCOSTAL NERVES
Serratus posterior inferior receives its blood supply from: POSTERIOR INTERCOSTAL ARTERIES
Winging of the scapula can be caused by damage to either of these two muscles. TRAPEZIUS OR SERRATUS ANTERIOR
Winging of the scapula can be caused by damage to either of these two nerves. AXILLARY OR LONG THORACIC NERVE
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