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Muscle Flash Cards

Describe the characteristics of skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle Skeletal: attached to the bone and in charge of making our skeleton move. (voluntary) smooth: Unstraited muscle found on the inside of some organs and blood vessels. (involuntary) Cardiac: Found lining the walls of the heart, its striated. (voluntary)
Describe the five functions of muscular tissue support, protect, assist in movement, mineral homeostasis, production of blood cells, triglyceride storage
Describe the function of fascia a structure of a connective tissue that surround muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. binding some structures together while permitting some to slide smoothly right over each other.
Describe the composition and function of a tendon A band of tough, inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with it's bony attachment.
Describe the function of sacrolemma, and t-tubules A sacrolemma is a plasma membrane that covers muscle fibers. A t-tubules
Describe the function of myofibril cylindrical structures extending along the entire length of a muscle fiber.
Describe the function of actin,tropomysin, and troponin individual actin molecules join to form an actin filament that is twisted into a helix. tropomysin, and troponin are contained on a thin filaments that cover myosin-binding sites on actin in released muscle fibers.
Describe the parts of a neuromuscular junction motor end plate, and synaptic cleft
Describe the causes of Ducheyenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy Recessive gene carried on the X chromosome, females wont get it because they have a normal X chromosome
Define "cramp" and summarize it's causes a sudden brief usually painful contraction of a muscle or group group of muscles. It can happen to healthy people, sometimes right after exercise or during rest. Inadequate blood flow to the muscles.
Describe the cause and symptoms of fibromyalgia the causes are unknown can be worsened by mental stress, poor sleep, repetitive strains, injuries, and chronic dampness and cold.
Describe the source of pain in shin splints and their cause The shin muscles pull the foot up, and calf muscles pulls it down. While walking the calf muscles exert so much force they can injure the shin muscles.
Describe the symptoms of a muscle strain a torn muscle causes severe pain and bleeding.
Describe the sources of pain in tendon inflammation and causes for tendon inflammation the source of pain is the tendon its self or the inner lining of the fiberosis sheather. cause: over use, sudden pulling, moving it creating friction between outter surface and ajacent bone.
Describe the symptoms of myasthenia gravis weak drooping eyelashes, double vision, extreme fatigue, difficulty speaking and swallowing, and weakness of arms and legs.
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