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Chapter 8.4 Voc.

Pies, Pastries and Cookies from Dessertsand Baked Goods

Made of three parts flour, Two parts fat and one part Water 3-2-1 Dough
Procedure for preparing a prebake pie shell Baking Blind
To pierce a pie crust in serveral places with a fork Dock
Cheese that is a lot like sour cream Quark
Also called laminated dought Roll-in Dough
Elegant product also called pate feuilletee Puff Pastry
Fueilletee means square, another name for Puff Pastry Pate Feuillette
Dough used to prepared baklava Phyllo
Made combining water, butter, flour and eggs into a smooth batter Pate A Choux
Small round pastries made from pate A choux filled with ice cream Profiteroles
Bagged cookies by forcing soft dough through a pastry bag Bagged
Make bar cookies by backing three and four bars of dough the length of the baking pan and then slicing them into small bars Bar
Dropped cookies from a soft dough and soft them from a spoon or scoop onto the cookies sheet Dropped
Icebox cookies by rolling dough into log, chilling it and then slicing it just before baking Icebox
Mold stiff dough by hand into any shape to make molded cookies Molded
Rolled cookies are made more often at home than in commercial kitchens because they take a lot of work Rolled
Pour the batter into the entire baking pan and than slice it into individual squares or rectangles after baking Sheets
Created by: TokiKurp