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Active IQ A & P

Active IQ A & P Revision Questions

Which organ of the body is located behind the sternum and just left of the centre? The Heart
One of the functions of the heart is to? Pump nutrients to the body tissues
What type of muscle is found in the ventricle Cardiac
Blood moves from the right atrium to the.. Right ventricle
De-oxygenated blood travels from the heart to the lungs through the... Pulmonary Artery
The walls of arteries are... The thickest of all blood vessels
What can be defined as a measure of the force that the blood applies to the walls of arteries as it flows through them? Blood pressure
Which body organ is located in the chest cavity? The lungs
One of the functions of the lungs is... The removal of carbon dioxide from the body
The lungs are attached to the... Bronchi
During inspiration, the contraction of the diaphragm muscle will cause it to... Flatten
When inhaling, air passess through the larynx followed by... The trachea
Diffusion is... Gas moving from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Provide a function of bones. Provide surface area for muscle attachment Protect vital organs Produce blood cells
Which component of the skeletal system is made up of the spine, ribs, sternum and skull? The axial skeleton
What sections make up the appendicular skeleton? The upper and lower limbs, pelvic and shoulder girdles
The tarsals are examples of which type of bone? Short
The tough fibrous sheath that covers the whole of the bone is known as the... Periosteum
Bones develop from... Cartilage
Lordosis is generally found in which region of the spine? Lumbar
Cartilaginous joints are also know as... Slightly moveable
Synovial joints are also know as... Freely moveable
Hyaline cartilage covers the ends of bones in what type of joint? Synovial Joint
Which type of synovial joint can be found at the shoulder? Ball and Socket
Which types of movement are possible at the ankle? Inversion Eversion Plantarflexion Dorsiflexion
What type of movement is possible at the pivot joint? Rotation
What type of movement is possible at a hinge joint? Flexion Extension
What type of movement takes place at the elbow if the biceps contract eccentrically? Extension
Which type of muscle can be found in the digestive system? Smooth
Which type of muscle is considered to be voluntary? Skeletal
Myofibrils are found... Within muscle fibres
Muscle fibres are found... Within the epimysium
Which muscle if the prime mover during horizontal flexion of the shoulder? Pectorals
Which muscle is the antagonist, if the rectus abdominis is the prime mover? Erector spinae
If the iliopsoas are contracting concentrically there will be what type of movement? Hip flexion
What exercise emphasises te erector spinae muscles? Back extensions
Which muscle is the prime mover during hip extension? Gluteals
Growth of the uterus during the pre-natal period may cause which muscles to be overly stressed? The pelvic floor muscles
If a muscle lengthens under tension it is contracting... Eccentrically
Which muscle is the prime mover during shoulder abduction? Deltoids
Which muscle fibres have the greatest blood supply? Slow twitch
After what period of time would you recommend a participant could return to exercise after giving birth (normal delivery)? 6 weeks
Growth plate fractures occur most commonly in boys at what age? 14 - 16
Loss of muscle mass associated with ageing is known as? Sarcopenia
When is fat used to produce energy? Low intensities
Which system would primarily be used in a 20 metre sprint? The Creatine Phosphate (CP) system
What is a fatiguing waste product when working anaerobically? Lactic Acid
Motor nerves are primarily responsible for? Movement
Muscles will produce a greater force when more... Motor units are recruited
The 'all or none law' applies to? Individual motor units
Created by: Suze Riddell



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