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9gr History Part 1

The beginning of Christian Europe in the 4th-10 Centuries.

After Diocletian, the Roman Empire was shaken by new civil wars among pretenders for the throne. Who won the war and gained control of the entire territory of the Empire? Constantine the Great The first Christian emperor
In 313, Constantine and his co-ruler Licinius legalised Christianity and prevented the persecutions by signing... The Edict of Milan an official order from a ruler that becomes the law
When Did Constantine changed the capital? 330 New Rome/Constantinople
What did Constantine receive just before his death The Holy Baptism the ritual in which one is accepted into the community of believers; one of the holy sacraments
Constantine the Great summoned the first Ecumencial Council in Nicaea in order to unify the different factions within Christianity 325 an assembly of the bishops from the local churches, whose aim was to to achieve unity and consent on issues related to faith and christian beliefs
Emperor Theodosius I th Great declared paganism out of law 380 a common name for the polytheistic pre-Christian religions
The 5 most important centres of Apostolic Christianity Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antiochia, Jerusalem Their bishops were "first among equals". The bishop in Rome-first in rank - Papa
Created by: Kikina07