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WVSOM Anatomy-Pelvis

Chapter 6 pages 16-46

Pancreas is the ____ source of digestive enzymes to the ______ primary, small intestine
Where does the head of the pancreas lay within the curvature of the duodenum
These two ducts form (near the duodenum) to form the hepatopancreatic ampulla main pancreatic duct and common bile duct
The hepatopancreatic duct is thickens by smooth muscle at the duodenum to form? sphincter of Oddi
An additional duct of the pancreas that empties entirely separately into the duodenum accessory pancreatic duct
the opening of the hepatopancreatic ampulla into duodenum major duodenal papilla (minor if it is accessory duct)
Where is the Gall bladder located inferior to the liver
Gall bladder gives rise to these two ducts cystic and common bile duct
The coronary ligament bounds the posterior ______area of the _______ bare, liver (the liver makes contact with the diagraphm here with no intervening peritoneum)
Two largest lobes of the liver right and left lobe
lobes that lie in between the right and left lobes liver quadate (anterior) caudate (posterior)
The _____ ______ ______ of the liver holds the inferior Vena cava and gall bladder right sagittal fossa
The ____ ______ _______ of the liver contains the falciform and round ligament (of the liver) left sagittal fissure
This structure is a major port within the liver. It holds the portal vein, hepatic artery proper and right and left hepatic ducts Porta hepatis/transverse fissure
the _____veins exist for a very short distance before emptying into the IVC hepatic veins
Name and visualize the 5 impressions made on the liver colic, duodenal, pyloric, renal , gastric
The Splenic hilus exists for transmissions of the splenic vessels in the ________ligament and the short gastric and left-gastroomental vessles in the _____________ ligament lienorenal, gastrosplenic
The stomach contain _______ (folds) where the SI contains Rugae, plicae circulares (changing as you move down SI)
This vein extends from the diaphragm and ends in the pelvis as this IVC, common iliac
name the 3 unpaired visceral branches of the abdominal aorta celiac trunk, superior mesenteric and inferior mesenteric
This structure collects a large number of lymphatic ducts from the posterior wall of the abdomen. cisterna chyli
the Cisterna chyli forms the begining of this structure which is always present thoracic duct
the Right renal artery passes ______ to the IVC deep
inferior suprarenal arteries come off of this. renal artery
Middle suprarenal arteries come off of this artery aorta
these parietal arteries come off of the aorta (sometimes celiac trunk) to supply the thoracic diaphragm inferior phrenic (which also anastamose with the pericardiacophrenic and musculophrenic arteries.)
these arteries supply the posterior body wall lumbar arteries
do Superior hypogastric plexus give off sympathetic or parasympathetic fibers? sympathetic
Where to the superior hypogastic plexi sit? on the common iliac arteries (which they eventually leave, and supply the viscera of the plevis)
the external iliac artery becomes what artery as it moves inferiorly femoral artery
Inferior epigastric artery - source, what does it supply and what artery does it anastamose with superiorly? branch of external iliac, rectus sheath and superior epigastric artery
deep circumflex artery: source, and supplies External iliac artery (just before the inguinal ligament), iliacus muscle
Superficial circumflex artery: source and supply femoral artery (superiorly this is ext. iliac), skin around the lateral aspect of ingunial ligament **(superficial external pudendal n supplies the medial part of the inguinal lig. which also comes off of femoral
What is the one contribution to the IVC from the peritoneal organs? hepatic veins exiting from the liver
The left renal vein is longer/shorter than the left and the right vein is usually covered by what vessel shorter, superior mesenteric artery
The left gonadal vein empties into the ______ where the right empties into the ______ left renal vein, IVC
which of the kidneys sits lower than the other right lower than left
each kidney is surrounded by ______ ______ which fuses posteriorly with the connective tissues around the renal vessels renal fascia
_________ fat surrounds the kidney (bounded by renal fascia) PERIrenal fat
_________fat is adjacent to the body wall (bounded by renal fascia and the wall of the abdomen) PARArenal fat
This organ lies in the paraspinal gutters Kidney
Each renal artery has ___ branches 3, upper lower and posterior
Suprarenal glands have an essential _________function, therefore need a _______ blood supply endocrine, large
The 3 branches that supply the suprarenal glands (superior, middle and inferior suprarenal arteries) stem from what larger arteries superior - inferior phrenic, middle - aortic, inferior - renal
name the major and minor blood supplies of the ureter renal artery and minor is any arteries that it crosses as it moves inferiorly (ths giving the ureter a multiple blood supply)
"Water under the bridge" refers to what? the ureter running posteriorly while the wiens and arteries run ant.
Clinical corrleation: name the three places where kidney stones get stuck junction of renal pelvis and ureter (narrows here), where the ureter moves ant. to the iliac vessels, at the wall of the bladder
a _______ _______ envelops the kidney fibrous capsule
what contains the renal pyramids, loops of henle and collecting ducts? renal medulla
renal pyramids are separated by ______ ______ which conduct the vessels to and from the cortex renal columns
flow out of kidney: ______ of pyramid (aka renal _______) --> ______caylx--> ________ caylx--> renal ______--> ureter apex, papilla, minor, major, pelvis
A fat filled, large internal space of the kidney renal sinus
This nerve (which is not part of the lumbosacral plexus) runs from the 12th rib along the lateral margin of quadratus lumborum) and what does it supply subcostal nerve, muscle and skin of the body wall
Quadratus lumborum m.: attachements (3) and innervated by 12th rib, iliac crest and transverse processes of Lumbar Vert. , subcostal n.
The iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves are derived from the ______ramus of the ____ spinal nerve ventral rami of the L1
The ilioinguinal nerve exits the ______inguinal ring to innervate the______ of the ________ superficial, skin of the scrotum and penis
the genitofemoral nerve comes from the _____rami of ____ and ____ spinal nerves ventral, L1 and L2
The genitofemoral nerve lies on what muscle? psoas major
the femoral branch of the GF nerve courses how? deep to the ingunial lig and with the femoral art.
the gential branch of the GF nerve courses how and innervates what (2) ? through the deep inguinal ring--> ingunial canal--> superficial ing. ring to supply the cremaster and dartos muscle
This is a sensory nerve that passes deep to the inguinal lig and near the asis lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh
What ventral rami form the lumbar plexus and what 2 nerves (of the lower limb) does this plexus give off? L2, L3, L4; femoral and obturator
femoral runs deep and lateral/medial to psoas, obturator runs deep and lateral/medial to psoas lateral , medial
the sympathetic trunk supplies ____rami communicantes to all spinal nerves grey
Is the central tendon muscular? no
The ______ ________ is what remains of the septum transversum central tendon
The central portion of the central tendon is innervated by the _______ nerve and the peripheral portion is innervated by the _______ __________ nerves phrenic and inferior intercostal
This foramen allows the passage of the IVC through the central tendon vena cava foramen (lies anteriorly)
The esophagus passes through the muscular or non muscluar part of the diaphragm? muscular
the area which allows the passage of the esophagus and the posteior and anterior vagal trunks esophageal hiatus (to the left of vena cava forament, tv10)
The aortic hiatus transmits the aorta anteriorly or posteriorly to the esophageal hiatus? posterior
what is a hiatal hiatus? where the stomach moves up through the esophageal hiatus causeing heartburn
The ______crus of the thoracic diaphragm attaches to LV1 through 3 and the _______crus attaches to LV 1 and 2 right and left
The right and left crura of the diaphragm attaches through the _____ ______ lig. mediaN arcuate lig
the medial arcuate liga. passes the ______m. and attaches at the vertebral body and transverse processes of _______ psoas major and TV12
the lateral arcuate lig. passes the _______ ________ m. and attaches at the transverse process of ______ to the _____rib quadratus lumborum and 12th
The thoracic diaphragm creates a _______ and ________ pressure which allows the venous and lymphatic fluid to flow in the right direction thoracic and abdominal
the bladder lies b/n what two structures in the male and female rectum and pubis (male), uterus and pubic (female)
The superior surface of the bladder is covered by ________and the neck and body is covered by______ peritoneum and pelvic fascia
when the bladder fills, it will extend posteriorly, anteriorly or cranially? crainially
aortic aneursym and cauda equina syndrome can cause lower back pain true or false true, along with renal, urinary and prostate conditions
the apex of the bladder is posterior or anterior? anterior
what is the retropubic space? space created by the infolding of the peritoneum which extends along the sides of the bladder
In a C-section, the surgeon may enter through the superior part of this space retropubic space, to avoid opening the peritoneal cavity
the neck of the bladder is suspended by pubo_______ lig in the female and pubo______lig in the male pubovesical and puboprostatic
The _______of the bladder is defined by the ostia of the ureter and urethra trigone
the smooth mus. of the trigone forms the _______ ______ _______ muscle internal urethral spinchter (prevents retrograde ejaculation in male)
the trigone contains a submucosal layer, true or false false! it does have a smooth epithelial surface though
the _______m. makes up most of the bladder detrusor
This artery supplies the bladder and is a branch of the umbilical artery superior vesical a.
The umbilical artery continues as a fibrous cord in the anterior body wall called the medial umbilical fold
The _____ of the uterus is the largest part of the uterus body
The fundus is covered by visceral ________ peritoneum
The body (besides the fundus) and the cervix is covered by ______ _______ pelvic fascia
the pelvic fascia is analogous to ________ fascia transversalis
This is an area defined by the peritoneum of the anterior surface of the uterus and peritoneum of the superior surface of the bladder vesicouterine pouch
This is the area of peritoneal space b/n the posterior part of the uterus and the rectum rectouterine pouch
The _______ligament connects the body of the uterus to the body wall broad ligament
The ovarian artery arises from what major artery aorta
the right ovarian vein drains into the ______ and the left ovarian into the ______ IVC and left renal vein
the _______lig holds the ovarian vessels suspensory lig of the ovary
The ligament b/n the ovary and the uterus ovarian ligament
The ligment that is a continuation of the ovarian lig. the round ligament, passes to the internal ring
A complete round lig. with go through the _______ ______ and end in the _______ ______ inguinal canal, labia majora
This is an arc shaped structure that follows the shape of the rectum, which is also a continuation of the broad ligament rectouterine folds
the ligment that attaches the folds of the rectouterine fold to the sacrum uterosacral ligament
the uterosacral ligament maintains the uterus in the ________ position anteverted
the cardinal lig prevents _________ prolapse
this lig extends from the lateral sacral wall to the vagina and the cervix uteri lateral cervical lig. (cardinal or mackenrods too)
This is a portion of the broad lig that extends from the lateral side of the uterus to the pararectal spaces mesometrium
is this the part of the broad lig. that suspends the oviduct mesosalphinx
This is the part of the broad lig. that suspends the ovary mesovarium
the open end of the oviduct, containing the fimbriae infundibulum
this is the part of the oviduct, past the infundibulum about 2/3 of the oviduct amuplla of the oviduct
this is the part of the oviduct that joins with the uterine horn isthmus
This is the part of the oviduct that passes through the uterine cavity uterine part of the oviduct
the _______ of the oviduct is only part of the oviduct that is opening into the peritoneal cavity ostium (the male has no corresponding structure)
adenxa refers to what? the accessory organs to the oviduct
the _________ of the uterus is a constricted part of the uterus that is 1 cm long isthmus/ internal oss
the area between the internal os and the vagina cervix
The _______ ___ projects into the vagina forming anterior and posterior cervical lips external os
the cavity b/n the ostium and lips of cervix fornix (ant and post.)
Posterior fornix is closely associated with the _______ ____ rectouterine pouch
This structure can be used to drain fluids from the peritoneal cavity or insert instruments for visualization posterior fornix
the major blood supply to the uterus and where it comes from uterine artery, inferferior iliac
the uterine artery passes ant. or post to the ureter which is closely related ot he lateral fornix of the vagina ant.
the uterine artery anastamoses with the ... ovarian artery at the ovary
These arteries come from the internal iliac (or branches of that) and supply the vagina vaginal arteries
the parietal branches of the internal iliac are found mostly on the ________ portion of the body wall posterior...these branches typically come from the proximal branches of the internal iliac
This artery runs with its complementary nerve to supply the adductor m. obturator a.
This artery comes off the internal iliac (posterior portion) and travels superiorly to supply the psoas major m. and iliacus m. ilio-lumbar artery, lumbar branch is psoas m. and iliac branch is the ilacus m.
the lateral sacral arteries pass through the ventral ______ _____ to supply the ______ _______ and spinal meninges sacral foramina, sacral nerve roots
After these arteries pass through the ventral sacral foramina they pass though the dorsal sacral foramina and supply ..... Lateral sacral arteries, muscles and skin associated with the posterior sacrum
The superior gluteal comes off of the ______ ____ and supply what? internal iliac and supply the gluteus medius, minimus, and tensor fascia lata m.
the superior and inferior gluteal m. pass through the _______sciatic notch greater
the inferior gluteal m. supply? gluteus maxmimus and the crainal portions of the hamstrings
How does the internal pudendal artery course? off of the internal iliac the through the greater sciatic, around the sacrospinous lig and back through the lesser sciatic
this artery supplies the muscles of the pelvis and perineum, the terminal part of the GI, and cavernous tissues of the penis or clitoris internal pudendal a
This artery supplies the rectum in both sexes and the vagina in females and the seminal vesicles in males middle rectal
inferior vesical artery supplies what? seminal vesicles and prostate gland
the vaginal artery corresponds with this artery of the male inferior vesicle artery
The lumbosacral truck arises from ____ and _____ and connects with the ventral ramus of _____ L4 and L5, S1
the Lumbosacral trunk and S1-3 form the ______ _____ sacral plexus
the sacral plexus becomes what as it courses inferiorly sciatic nerve
L4, L5 and S1 ventral rami form what nerve that is superior to piriformis superior gluteal n.
L5, S1 and S2 give off branches to form the _______ ______ _____ inferior to piriformis inferior gluteal n.
the pudendal nerve is made of what ventral rami S3-S5
What 3 nerves exit through the greater foramen sciatic, superior gluteal and pudendal
The ventral rami of S2, S3, S4 from the (sympathetic/parasympathetic) preganglionic fibers to create the pelvic splanchnic nerves parasympathetic
This structure lies between the neck of the bladder and the superior fascia of the urogenital system prostate gland
The ________ ______ contains parasympathetics from pelvic splachnic n., that when cut, can lead to impotence prostatic plexus
inferior to the perineal line, the once membranous urethra is now called the ______ or ______ urethra penile or spongy
A trans-urethral resection of the prostate involves inserting a device that does this. The device will cut the prostate to ream out narrowed portions of the prostate. In turn, the ejactulatory ducts are chopped, blocking them permanently
the ductus defernes passes superiorly through the ______ ____ to enter the pelvis inguinal ring
the ductus deferens ends as this structure ampulla of ductus deferens
This structure joins with the ampulla of ductus deferens on the posterior part of the prostate and the two form what? seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct
the ejactulatory ducts empty into the prostatic urethra at the _______ _____ prostatic utricle
Blood supply to structures past the anal triangle and the perineal membrane is through which artery internal pudendal
The ________nerve innervates the muscles of the perineum, skin and external genitalia pudendal nerve
The ischiorectal fossa allows the passage of what artery and nerve and have ____ to allow for expansion during defecation and birth internal pudendal art. pudendal nerve and fat
This is a thickening of the internal obturator muscle which allows the passage of arteries and nerves of the same name. Pudendal (alock's canal), passes internal pudendal vessels and pudendal nerves.
This n. a. and v. branch off the pudenal n. and internal pudendal art. (just before the alock's canal) to supply the skin around the anus, anal canal and _______ _____ _________ inferior rectal n., ar, vein and the external anal spinchter
The middle rectal vein branches off of the _______ _____ internal iliac
the superior rectal vein branches off of the _______ inferior mesenteric
The ______is the site of portocaval shunts between the superior rectal vein (portal/caval?) and the inferior and middle rectal (portal/caval?) rectum, portal, caval
obstruction of this produces portal hypertension portal vein
This creates the superior border of the ischiorectal fossa Arcus Tendineus
the arcus tendineus is the thickening of _______ ________ fascia and passes from the iliopubic ramus to the ______ _____ obturator internus and ischial spine
The retrorectal space is the communication of the left and right ________ ______ (posterior) ischiorectal fossa (anteriorly, the fossa is separted by the anal canal and parts of the urogential system
The ________recess is the space between the pelvic diaphragm and urogenital diaphragm anterior recess
The ________ _______ ______ is a potential space between the membranous layer of the subcutaneous tissue and the perineal membrane superficial perineal pouch
This nerve supplies the structures in the superficial perineal pouch and deep transverse perineus and spinchter urethrae muscle (of the deep perineal pouch) perineal nerve
The dorsal nerve of the penis traverses the _______recess and pierces the ________ ________muscle and __________membrane to supply the dorsal surface of the penis anterior recess, sphincter urethrae muscle and perineal membrane
the dorsal nerve of the clitoris follows a similar path of the dorsal nerve of the penis to reach the ________ of the clitoris dorsum
posterior scrotal nerves supply the scrotum
posterior labial nerves supply the labia major, minor and vestibule
The transverse perineal artery comes off of this artery and supplies the ________ body internal pudendal and perineal body
This artery supplies the corpus cavernosum by entering the crus of the penis/clitoris deep artery of the penis/clitoris
The dorsal artery of the penis/clitoris follows this nerve and supplies the same structure as the deep artery of the penis/clitoris dorsal nerve, corpus cavernosum
The artery to the ________ ______ supplies the corpus spongiosum of the penis urethral bulb
The artery to the ________ _____ supplies the vestibular bulb of the female vestibular bulb
Name the two muscles making up the pelvic diaphragm coccygeus and levator ani
The coccygeus muscle lies on the (superior/inferior) surface of the sacropsinous ligament superior
name the attachments of coccygeus (hint: same as sacrospinous ligament) ventral surface of the sacrum and coccyx and the ischial spine
The iliococcygeus muscle originates from this extension of obturator internus fascia and the ligament which passes from the coccyx to the anus arcus tendineus and anococcygeal ligament
The _________ muscle originates from the iliopubic ramus and inserts on the _______ lig pubococcygeus muscle anococcygeal lig
tension in this muscle is essential for fecal continence puborectalis muscle (passes superiorly from the pubis)
The levator prostate muscle (split from puborectalis) passes between the _______ and the anus prostate
pubovaginalis passes between the ________ and the uterus vagina
the rectosigmoid junction occurs when the _______ ______ enlarge to create a smooth, outer layer of the rectum taenia coli
The rectum lies _______ to the sacrum, where the top lies at what vertebral level anterior and SV2
Which lacks peritonium, the inferior 1/3 of the rectum or the superior 2/3 of the rectum inferior 1/3
The lumen of ther rectum holds 3 of these internal transverse rectal folds (upper from the right, middle from the left and lower at the level of the bladder)
The rectum terminates just before this which is anterior to the tip of the coccyx anorectal flexure
the anal canal terminates at the anus (originates at the pelvic diaphragm)
above the pectinate line is (visceral-pelvic plexus or somatic-pudendal nerve) and below is which of the two above - visceral, below - somatic (both in terms of blood supply, lymphatic drainage and innervation)
regular longitudinal elevations in the anal canal are called anal columns
the depressions to the anal columns are anal sinuses
The anal columns contain terminal branches of the _______ ______ arteries and veins which connect with the somatic inferior rectal vessels superior rectal
The distal ends of the anal columns form folds otherwise known as anal valves
What is the pectinate line of the anal canal a line demarcated by anal valves and marks the transition from columnar to stratified epithelium
what marks the internal and external drainage of lymph in the anal canal pectinate line
This is a layer of smooth muscle that lies deep to the external anal sphincter internal anal sphincter
This sphincter has 3 parts (deep superficial and subcutaneous part and is made of straited muscle external anal sphincter
the deep part of the external anal sphincter encricles the ______ ____ and fuses with this muscle anal canal and puborectalis
the superficial part of the exter. anal sphincter is oval and attaches to what anococcygeal ligament (posteriorly) and perineal body
this part of the ext. anal sphincter lies deep to the skin of the anus subcutaneous part
the perineal body is made up of very thin or thick connective tissue thick
name the muscles that connects to the perineal body bulbospongiousus muscle, external anal sphincter, superficial and deep transverse perineal muscle, various muscle slips from the levator ani and rectum
the superficial perineal pouch contains what in males and what in females males - penis and scrotum (and associated structures) femals - labia majora, minora clitoris and associated structures.
Which plexus is mixed and which is mostly sympathetic, superior hypogastric and inf. hypogastric superior - sympathetics, inferior is mixed
The superficial fascia of the penis has no fat but contains this vein superficial dorsal vein of the penis
The suspesory ligament of the penis arises from what and is continuous with what pubic symphysis and scarpa's facia
The scarpa's fascia of the abdomen turns into the _______ fascia at the penis and scrotum Dartos
the deep fascia of the penis (bucks) covers what in the penis erectile tissue
the bucks fascia contains what nerves arteries and veins deep dorsal VEIN, dorsal artery and nerve
In erection, what arteries supply the corpora cavernosa dorsal arteries of the penis
Why does the penis stay erect (during erection) the smooth muscle of the cavernosa relaxes, allowing the dorsal arteries of the penis to fill causing engorgement. The outflowing veins are blocked by the pressure up against tunica albuguinea and this maintains the erection
problems with the nervous system may interfere with what in impotence engorgement of the cavernosa
These two structures form the shaft of the penis left and right corpora cavernosum
proximally the cavernosum separate to form the _______ of the penis crura (which attach to the ischiocavernosus muscle and the perineal membrane)
each crus is covered by this straited muscle ischiocavernosus
This inelastic layer permits a high fluid pressure to be established in the penis and covers the cavernosum tunica albuginea
The septum penis is a formation of a median of the _______ _______ and only allows communication (vessels) proximally tunica albuginea
the penile spongy urethra is surrounded by corpus spongiosum
the corpus spongiosum is covered by this layer which is more elastic and cannot compress the urethra when the tissue is engorged with blood tunica albuginea
Why is the male susceptible to rupture between the membranous urethra and spongy urethra because of the change in direction (can also rupture at UG diagphragm)
distally the corpus spongiosium terminates as the glans penis
in uncircumsized males, the glans is covered by prepuce
the corpus spongiousum fuses with the perineal membrane, proximally, to form the urethral bulb
the midline urethral bulb is covered by this muscle bulbospongiousus
the bulbospongiosus originates at the perineal membrane and end at a raphe
posteriorly, the bulbospongiosus blend with what perineal body and superficial part of the external anal sphincter
superficial transverse muscles attach to waht and what ischiopubic ramus and perineal body
if in rupture of the urethra, the buck's fascia remains in tact, how will the blood/urine be contained between the peritoneum and the buck's fascia, will not enter the scrotum etc
If the buck's fascia is torn, in urethral rupture, where will the urine and blood flow? into the superficial perineal pouch (limited by colle's/scarpas), may extend into abdominal wall, urine will not pass into leg (fascia lata) and cannot go posteriorly b/c of superficial and deep layers of perineal fascia
Scarpa's fascia fuses with what infterior to the inguinal ligament fascia lata
the vulva (pendulum) contains these 6 things mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibule and greater vestibular glands
the labia major defines this space vestibule
This is the location for the external urethral orfice and the orfice of the vagina vestibule
the body of the clitoris is made up of this, (2 parts to it) crura of the corpora cavernosa clitoridis
the body of the clitoris terminates as this the glans of the clitoris
This fold of tissue, prepuce of the clitoris, originates from what labia minora
This is the muscle that makes up the left and right crura of the female ischiocavernosus m..
This erectile tissue makes up the vestibular bulb corpus spongiosum
These glands are found at the inferior end of the vestibular bulbs which also secrete mucous greater vestibular glands
The bulbospongiosus muscle covers what vestibular bulb and greater vestibular glands
As in the male and female, the bulbospongisus fuse with what muscle of the perineal body and muscle of the anus superficial transverse perinei and the superficial part of the external anal sphincter muscle
What is a median episiotomy where a cut is made from the posterior vaginal wall and the perineal skin into the cetnral tendon of the perineum (carefully not cutting the external anal sphincter) a mediolateral episiotomy there must be care not to incise the puborectalis, a and veins
The _______ _______fascia has a fatty and membranous layer superficial perineal fascia
The fatty layer (of the superficial perineal facia) is gone in the male, leaving only a membranous layer called dartos, colle's in the scrotum
colle's fascia follows under the skin of the triangle and attaches on the posterior edge of this perineal membrane
The deep perineal fascia (buck's) covers what (3) the shaft of the penis, ischiocavernosus muscle and bulbospongiousus
deep perineal fascia is continuous with the _______ _____ ____ and ______ ____ external abdominal oblique and rectus abdominus muscle
the urethra (male) and urethra and vagina in female pass through this structure in the UG triangle perineal membrane
the inferior fascia of the pelvic diaphragm and the perineal membrane make up this deep perineal space
In the male, The fibers of the deep transverse perineus muscles encircle the ________urethra, to form the sphincter urethrae muscle membranous
In the female, the deep perineal space has these two muscles sphincter urethrae and deep transverse perineus
Does the pubic symphysis contain synovial joints? no
name the two ligaments that reinforce the pubic symphysis (there is a interpubic disc of fibrocartiliage in the middle) superior pubic lig and arcuate pubic ligament
the anterior longitudinal ligament is tightly or loosly attached to annuli fibrosi loosely
the annulus fibrosus is the outer part of the intervertebral disc , so what is in the middle nucleous pulposus
the supraspinous ligament connects the spinous proccess of L5 to what the sacrum
these ligaments travel from tranverse processes of L5 to the iliac crest iliolumbar ligaments
what four ligaments control the movement of nutation sacrotuberous, sacrospinous posterior sacroiliac, anterior sacroiliac lig
sacrotuberous lig connects the (ant or post) sacrum to the ischial tuberosity posterior
the sacrospinous connects what to what posterior sacrum with iliac spine
What is nutation upward rotation of the lower end of the sacrum
this ligament extends from the posterior part of the sacroiliac joint to the 3rd or 4th segments of the sacrum posterior sacroiliac ligament
This ligament is palapable and it can indicate SD and shears sacrotuberous lig
the anterior sacroiliac ligament is a transversly running ligament that goes from what two boney structures ala of the sacrum and the anterior surface of the ilium
what organs are intraperitoneal liver, pancreas, stomach, spleen, 1st and 4th part of duodenum, jejunum and ilium, appendix, transverse and sigmoid colon,
what organs are secondarily retroperitoneal 2nd and 3rd parts of the duodenum, ascending colon, decending colon, rectum,
What organs are primarily retroperitoneal kidneys, suprarenal, ureter, aorta, IVC and all pelvic viscera
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