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FDA Machine Check

Steps of the Anesthesia machine check

Step NumberDescriptionWhat is being checked?
#1 Verify Backup Ventilation Equipment is Available and Functioning Verify backup ventilation equipment is available and functioning Emergency Ventilation Equipment
#3 Check Central Pipeline Supplies Check that hoses are connected and pipeline gauges read about 50 psi. High Pressure System
#4 Check Initial Status of Low Pressure System a. Close flow control valves and turn vaporizers off. b. Check fill level and tighten vaporizers' filler caps. Low Pressure System
#5 Perform Leak Check of Machine Low Pressure System a. Verify master switch and flow control valves are OFF. b. Suction bulb to common fresh gas outlet. c. Collapse bulb d. Verify bulb collapsed for 10 sec. e. Open 1 vaporizer at a time and repeat c &d. f. Remove bulb, reconnect fresh gas hose. Low Pressure System
#6 Turn on Machine Master Switch Tun on master switch and all other necessary equipment. Low Pressure System
#7 Test Flowmeters a. Adjust flow of all gases through their full range, checking for smooth operation of floats and undamaged flow tubes. b. Attempt to create a hypoxic oxygen/nitrous mixture and verify correct changes in flow and/or alarm. Low Pressure System
#8 Adjust and Check Scavenging System a. Connections (scav sys & APL & vent relief) b. Adjust waste gas vacuum (if poss.) c. Fully open APL; occlude Y-piece d. With min O2 flow, collapse scav bag; verify absorber pres gauge ~0 e. O2 flush & fill scav bag fully; absorber pres ~10 cm H Scavenging System
#9 Calibrate O2 Monitor a. Ensure monitor reads 21% in room air. b. Verify low O2 alarm is enabled and functioning. c. Reinstall sensor in circuit and flush breathing system with O2. d. Verify that monitor now reads greater than 90%. Breathing System
#10 Check Initial Status of Breathing System a. Set selector switch to "bag" mode b. Check that breathing circuit is complete undamaged and unobstructed c. Verify that CO2 absorbent is adequate d. Install breathing circuit accessory equipment (e.g. humidifier, PEEP valve) to be used during ca Breathing System
#11 Perform Leak Check of the Breathing System a. Set all gas flow to 0 (or min). b. Close APL valve and occlude Y-piece. c. Pressurize breathing system to ~30 cm H2O with O2 flush. d. Ensure that pressure remains fixed 10 seconds. e. Open APL valve and ensure pressure decreases. Breathing System
#12A Test Ventilation Systems and Unidirectional Valves (a-f) a. Place second breathing bag on Y-piece b. Set vent parameters for next pt c. Switch to vent mode d. Fill bellows and breathing bag w/O2 flush; turn vent ON e. Set O2 flow to min, other gas to 0 f. Bellows delivers appropriate Vt on insp and fills a Manual and Automatic Ventilation Systems
#12B Test Ventilation Systems and Unidirectional Valves (g-m) g FGF 5 Lpm h Bellows & lungs fill & EMPTY w/o sustained pres at end exp i Fxn of unidir valves j Exercise circuit accessories to ensure fxn k Vent OFF; bag mode l Man vent & assure inf/def of lungs; feel resistance/compliance m Remove 2nd bag from Manual and Automatic Ventilation Systems
#13 Check, Calibrate, and/or Set Alarm Limits of all Monitors Capnometer Pulse oximeter Oxygen Analyzer Respiratory Volume Monitor (Spirometer) Pressure monitor with High and Low airway alarms Monitors
#14 Check Final Status of Machine a. Vaporizers off b. APL valve open c. Selector switch to "bag" d. All flowmeters to zero. e. Patient suction level adequate f. Breathing system ready to use. Final Position
#2 Check Oxygen Cylinder Supply a. Open oxygen cylinder and verify at least half full (about 1000 psi). b. Close cylinder High Pressure System
Created by: Anesthesia 2014