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unit 5 congress

legislative congress is the head of which branch of goverment?
make laws what is the job of congress?
house of rep & senate our congress is a BICAMERAL congress. Name the two parts of congress.
435 how many U.S. representatives are there altogether.
100 how many U.S. Senators are there altogether
implied what are powers not specifically written down in constitution called
Bill an idea for a law is called a
political party what is a gruop who want the goverment run a particular way and they try to get their members electedto goverment offices
interest group what are gruups who support a particular cause and try to influnce the legislator top vote a certain a certain way on laws
gerrymandaring what is it called when state legislatures draw their congressional districts maps to favor a certain party
census the number of representatives a state has may change when what happens
redistric if the number of representatives in a state changes, what must the state goverment do
electoral votes what are votes that elect a president called
apropriation bills what are bills that involve spending our tax money called
impechement what is it called when a goverment official is charged with a crime
franking privilege what is it calloed when members of congres get to mail things free
delegated powers what are powers that belong to the national goverment (congress) called
general assembly what is the name of the NC legislative body that makes our STATE laws
congress cant do what do all these things have in common- passing bills of attainder, passing ex post facto laws, and denying habeas corpus
money bill what is another name for an appropriations bill
greatcompromise what was the name of the important agreement that created a bicameral legislature at the constitutional convention
house gets to choose a president if no candidate gets over half of the electoral votes
senate decides whether to bring impeachment charges against the president
senate runs the trail if the president is impeached
house and senate
Created by: hectorsoto13411
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