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US GovtVanguard

review ch 5 Gov

what is Public opinion? The aggregate of preferences and opinions of individuals on significant issues
Define Survey Research Gathering of information about public opinion by questioning a representitive sample of the population
Halo effect Tendency of survey respondents to provide socially acceptable answers to questions
Salient issue Issues about which most people have an opinion
what is political pluralism political theory of group competition
Public Goods Commodities (products,services) characterized by non-rivalry and non-excludability
What are Broad Public Interest groups? beset by colective-action problems, weakening their efectiveness at influencing government
Subgovernment(e.g. Iron Triangles) collusive, mutually beneficial arrangement between government agencies, members of important congressional committees, and interest groups
Issue Network a collective of several political actors(e.g. interest groups, elected officials, agency personnel, media, think tanks and policy experts, etc.) who consistently participate in the policymaking process of a policy area
Socialization the learning of a culture and its value
diffuse support (for the politcal system) good will toward governmental authority learned early in life
Generation Gap Differences in political and public opinion among age groups
property qualifications Early american state requiremnt of property ownership in order to vote
White Primary Democractic Party primary elections in many southern elections in many Southern countries in the early part of the twentieth century that excluded black people from voting
poll taxes Taxes imposed as a prerequisite to voting; prohibited by the 24th Amendment
Literacy test Examination of a person's ability to read and write as a prereqisite to voter registration, outlawed by voting Rights Act (1965) as disciminatory
19th Amendment the 1920 constitutional amendment guaratneeing woman the right to vote
26th Amendmant the 1971 constitutional amandement guaranteeing the right to vote
Motor voter act Federal manadate that states offer vote registration at driver's liscensing and welfare offices
Turn Out Number of voters who actually cast ballots in an election, as a percentage of people eligible to register and vote
registration Requirement that prospective voters establish their identity and place of residence prior to an election in order to be eligible to vote
political alienation belief that politics is irrelevant to one's life and that one connot personally affect public affairs
Protests Public marches or demonstrations designed to call attention to an issue and motivate others to apply pressure on public officials
civil disobedience Form of public protest involving the breaking of laws believed to be unjust
Created by: Jobe
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