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Culinary sandwiches

chapter 19 ,green book, sandwiches and appetizers

What is pullman loaf? a rectangular shaped sandwich bread with a flat top and a even texture
whats a croissant? a flaky,crescent-shaped roll.
Focaccia's are flavored with what? olive oil and herb
A kaiser roll is a... a round,crusty roll that is often sprinkled with poppy seeds or sesame seeds
what is a torpedo roll? a long skinny sandwich roll.
what is a pita? a round-shaped flatbread,cut open to form a pocket
tortilla's are baked on a.. griddle
what is a chapatti? an Indian whole weat flatbread
Phyllo is a very thin _____ layered pastry dough
what is a crepe? a small,thin pancake made with egg batter.
what are 3 main types of spreads? butter,mayonanaise,and vegetable purees
what is made up of olive oil,pine nuts or walnuts,a hard cheese,fresh basil,garlic,salt,and pepper? Pesto
a finely sliced cabbage that has been fermented in brine? sauerkraut
a permanent suspension of egg yolks,oil, and vinegar or lemon juice mayonnaise
give an example of a sandwich filling chicken,turkey,beef,pork,eggs,anything with good source of protein
Created by: geraldray22