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olivia and rickys

chapter 19

what is a closed sandwich a sandwich that has two slicesnof bread with a filling imbetween
what is an open faced sandwich a sandwhich with one peice of bread
triple decker sandwich a sandwich with 3 layers
what is a finger ssandwitch a sandwitch you can eat with your fingers, small closed mostly crustless sandwitches
what is a wrap a sandwitch made of soft flat bread that is wraped or folded
what to remember when grilling the filling of your sandwitch? filling is only heated, not cooked. make sure meat is fully cooked before hand
why do you need fresh bread for cold sandwitches? because customurs full attention is on the bread.
may appetizers be prepared ahead of time? yes
do the appetizer and occasion determine the presentation? yes, certain appetizers are acceptable while other like pigs in a blanket for a formal wedding are not
what is pullman bread? rectangular topped bread
what is a crissant a flaky cressant shaped bread
what is a kaiser roll a round crusty roll
what is a tortilla a flattened bread
what is pesto sauce made with different types of seasonings
Created by: ricky111