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What type of roll can be cut into pinwheel sections for open-face sandwiches, or used as a wrap for sandwich fillings? tortilla
What is pesto? a sauce made by combining olive oil, pine nuts or walnuts, a hard cheese such as parmesan, and fresh basil, garlic, salt, and pepper.
What is pizza considered as? an open-face sandwich
Give at least two tips for hot open-face sandwiches. 1. do not oversauce items 2. make sure the sauce is not too thin or too thick
What is an "au jus"? accompanied by the juices obtained from roasting a meat.
What is a rumaki? appetizers that consist of blanched bacon that is then wrapped around vegetables, seafood, chicken liver, meat, poultry, or fruits.
Where would you find a chafing dish? at the buffet line
What do most restaurants offer? half a sandwich with a salad or soup
What two ingredients are required to make a Monte Cristo? swiss cheese and virginia ham
Some cold sandwiches are _____________________ and need no accompaniment, such as a spicy _____________ sandwich with yogurt. nutritionally balanced; lentil pita
Name two salad sandwiches. chicken salad and egg salad
Barbequed chicken and grilled ham and cheese are considered as_______. hot sandwiches
What is one traditional grilled sandwich? grilled cheese
Created by: verneka hodo