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ET1 U2 L2

How to verify proper grounding of electronic equipment

What is the length and diameter of a typical grounding rod? 10 feet long by 3/4 inch diameter
Which ofthe following metals should NOT be used in the construction of down conductors? Tin
The metal framework of a building should have a resistance of less than _____ ohms? 10
Which class of bonding involves welding of two pieces of metal together? Class A
DC resistance across bonding and grounding junctions shall NOT exceed _____ ohms? .1
When installing an eath electrode subsystem, which wire color denotes the grounding conductor? Green
Which of the following references is NOT used when inspecting a fault protection subsytem? Civil engineering manual
To protect a structure, such as abuilding, vessel, mast, etc... from lightning damage; the grounding cable should be _____ AWG? 0000
List the primary advantage of using a floating ground subsystem Prevents noise from being coupled to signal circuits
What is the recommended frequency range for a single-point ground configuration? Up to 300Khz
Which sybsystem should NOT be considered an option when developing the earth electrode subsystem? A direct bond between two similar metals on top of the soil
RF impedance across bonding and grounding junctions shall not exceed _____ ohms? 25
Should zinc be used when grounding an electrode? No
If a lightning strike produces 220Kv approximately how much voltage will subsequent strikes produce? 110Kv
Does VHF use a signal reference grounding system? No
What class bond uses bolting or clamping? Class B
What class bond uses bridging using a cunductive strap? Class C
Measure the resistance every ____ months of the earth electrode subsystem 12
electrode conductors may be solid, stranded, insulated, covered, bare wires
fault protection devices include fuses, circuit breakers, ground fault sensors, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)
fault sensors do what? monitor current
GFCI does what? monitor the current supplied from the source and are very sensitive.
effects by lightning strike include thermal, mechanical, electrical, conductor impedance, induced voltage
air rterminal does what? attracts lightning away from building
air termainal mounting on a flat roof? on the corner edges
air terminal on a pitched roof within two feet of redged ends
air terminal mounting on a sloping roof on corners and edges with terminals less tjan 24" are spaced at a max 20' apart; equal or greater than 24" in height spaced at a maximum 25 ft apart
bends of down conductors not less than 90 degrees or radius of 8 inches
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