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ET1 U3 L1

How to maintain an integrated networked video system

What does the term COTS stand for? Current Off The Shelf
What is the unit of measurement for illumination called? Lux
What is needed for the zoom or wide-angle camera to function properly? Light
What is the life expectancy of the FDVS? Five Years
FDVS stand for? Flight Deck Video System
HCS stands for Helicopter Control Station
HCS program is what instruction? COMDINST 3120.13
LSO stands for? Landing Safety Officer
Low Light Level (for training purposes) is? light level <.0025
Extremely Low Light Level is? light level <.0003
Low Light Level is? light level <.95
The housing is pressurized to how many PSI? 5 PSI
the housing has a heater? Yes
What is the housing heater power requirements? 120V AC/12V DC
the enclosure is made of what? 1/4 inch aluminum tube containing a black and white charge couple device (CCD)
V1, V2, and V3 of the FDVS is installed on? WHEC 378'
V2, V3, V4, V5 of the FDVS is installed on? WHEC 270'
FDVS is supported by who? ELC through APA repairable (0C)
CGPMS for the FDVS is CG MPC 43911/001 Rev 01
Created by: filoblack
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