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ET1 U1 L7

How to verify installation of a field change/Ordalt

Which type of field change furnishes documentation only? Type 2
Which type of field change furnishes documentation and some of the parts? Type 3
Which can be used to document minor errors in the field change bulletin? Errata sheet.
A Coast Guard SMEF has similar funcationality to a Navy _____? ISEA
Field changes issued directly by a commercial manufacturer are _____? Not permitted.
Which field change furnishes a field chang eparts kit? Type 1
Which field change implements changes to technical documention only? Type 4
What form do you submit after performing a field change? OPNAV 4790/CK Configuration change form.
A field chang eparts kit is included with which type/s of field changes? Type 1 and Type 3
Navy ISEA mean? In-Service Engineering Agent
AFter installing afield chang ethe unit submits the OPNAV 4790/CK to? ELC
Who implements the CG field change and complettes all documentation? The CG Unit.
After completing a field change, the installer affixes what? Field change accomplishment plate on the electronic equipment, which are available from Naval Publications and Forms Center (NPFC)
ARe CMPlus entries required for field changes? Yes
Who signs and submits the OPNAV 4790/CK? The unit CO
When dealing with USCG field changes, who has the authority to provide shipping numbers for tracking purposes? SMEF and ELC
Created by: filoblack
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