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Sports Med Pt. 1


A-,An- Absence or Lack of
Ab Departing from ; Away From
Acou- Hearing
Acr-,Acro- Extreme or Extremity
Ad- To Or Toward
Aden-, Adeno- Gland
Amphi- On Both Sides; Both Kinds
Angi- Vessel
Ant-, Anti- Opposed to ; Preventing or Inhibiting
Ante- Preceding ; Before
Arthr-, Arthro- Joint
Aut-, Auto- Self
Bi- Two
Bio- Life
Blast- Germ or Bud
Broncho- Bronchus
Bucco- Cheek
Caput- Head
Carcin- Cancer
Cardi-, Cardio- Heart
Cephal- Head
Cerebro- Brain ; Especially The Cerebrum
Chondr- Cartilage
Circum- Around
Co-, Con- Together
Contra- Against
COst- Rib
Crani- Skull
Crypt- Hidden
Cyt- Cell
De- Undoing, Reversal, Loss, Removal
Di- Twice, Double
Dia- Through, Between
Dys- Difficult, Faulty, Painful
Ec-, Ex-, Ecto- Out, Outside, Away from excrete
En-, Em- In, Inside
Entero- Intestine
Epi- Over, Above
Eu- Well
Exo- Outside, Beyond
Gastro- Stomach
Glosso- Tongue
Hema-, Hemato-, Hemo- Blood
Hemi- Half
Hepat- Liver
Hetero- Different or Other
Hist- Tissue
Hom-, Homo- Same
Hydr-, Hydro- Water
Hyper- Excess
Hypno- Sleep
Hypo- Below, Deficiant
Hyster-, Hystero- Uterus, Womb
Im- Not
Inter- Between
Intra- Within, Inside
Iso- Equal, Same
Leuko- White
Lip-, Lipo- Lipid, Fat
Macro- Larger
Mal- Bad, Abnormal
Mamm- Breast
Mast- Breast
Meningo- Membrane
Meso- Middle
Meta- Beyond, Between, Transition
Metro- Uterus
Micro- Small
Mito- Thread, Filament
Mono- Single
Morpho- Form
Multi- Many
Myelo- Spinal cord, Marrow
Myo- Muscle
Narco- Numbness
Nephro- Kidney
Ob- Before, Against
Oculo- Eye
Ondonto- Teeth
Opthalmo- Eye
Ortho- Straighten, Direct
Osteo- Bone
Oto- Ear
Oxy- Oxygen
Pan- All, Universal
Para- Beside, Neat
Peri- Around
Phago- Eat
Phleb- Veins
Pod- Foot
Poly- Multiple
Post- After, Behind
Pre-, Pro- Before, Ahead
Procto- Rectum, Anus
Pseudo- False
Psycho- Mind,Psyche
Pyo- Pus
Retro- Backward, Behind
Sclero- Hard
Semi- Half
Steno- Narrow
Sub- Beneathe, Under
Super- Above, Upon
Sym-, Syn- Together, With
Tachy- Rapid
Therm- Heat
Tox- Poison
Trans- Across, Through
Tri- Three
Viscero- Organ, Viscera
Able Able to
Ac Referring To
Algia Pain In A Certain Part
Ary Associated with, Relating to
Atresia Imperforate
Cide To Destroy Or Kill
Ectomy To Cut Out, Surgically Remove
Emia Condition Of The Blood
Ferent Carry
Gen Agent That Initiates
Gram Systematically Recorded
Graph Record of Written Data
Ia Condition
Iatrics Medical Specialty
Itis Inflammation of
Logy The Study Of
Lysis Loosening, Break Down
Malacia Soft
Mania Obsession, Compulsion
Odyn Pain
Oid Like, Resembling
Oma Tumor
Opia Defect of Eye
Ory Referring to, Of
Pathy Disease
Phobia Fear
Plasty Reconstruction of a part, Platic Surgery
Plegia Paralysis
Rrhagia Abnormal, Excessive Discharge
Rrhea Flow, Discharge
Scope Instrument for examination
Stasis Arrest, Fixation
Stomy Establishment of Artificial Opening
Tomy To Cut
Uria Urine
Created by: ricepao