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Med Term 9 & 10


Pyuria presence of pus in urine
Glycosuria presence of an excess of sugar in urine
Hematuria condition of blood in urine
Dysuria painful or difficult urination
Anuria complete suppression of urine formed by kidneys and complete lack of urine excretion
Polyuria condition of having excessive urine production
Ketonuria ketones in urine
Nocturia excessive urination during night
Oliguria condition of scanty amount of urine
Calculus stone formed within organ by accumulation of mineral salts
Nephrolithiasis presence of calculi in kidney
Renal colic pain caused by kidney stone, which can be excruciating and generally requires medical treatment
Azotemia accumulation of nitrogenous waste in bloodstream
Frequency greater than normal occurrence in urge to urinate, without increase in total daily volume of urine
Hesitancy decrease in force of urine stream, often with difficulty initiation flow
Urgency feeling need to urinate immediately
Filtration filtering state of the bladder emptying process which occurs in the renal corpuscle.
Reabsorption a process of emptying the bladder that comes after the filtering. As the filtrate moves along most of the water and electrolytes and nutrients are reabsorbed.
Secretion The final stage of urine production occurs when the special cells of the renal tubules secrete ammonia, uric acid, and other waste substances directly into the renal tubule
Catheter flexible tube inserted into body for purpose of moving fluids into or out of body
Catheterization insertion of a tube through urethra and into urinary bladder for purpose of withdrawing urine or inserting dye
Cystocele hernia or outpouching of bladder that protrudes into vagina
Rectocele protrusion or herniation of rectum into vagina
Glomerulonephritis inflammation of kidney
Pyelonephritis inflammation of renal pelvis and kidney
Lithotripsy destroying or crushing kidney stones in bladder or urethra with device called lithotriptor
Stricture narrowing of passageway in urinary system
Hematosalpinx condition of having blood in fallopian tubes
Pyosalpinx condition of having pus in fallopian tubes
Multigravida woman who has had more than one pregnancy
Multipara woman who has given birth to more than one child
Nulligravida woman who has never been pregnant
Nullipara woman who has never produced a viable baby
Placenta previa occurs when placenta is in lower portion of uterus and thus blocks birth canal
Abruptio Placentae emergency condition in which placenta tears away from uterine wall before twentieth week of pregnancy
Preeclampsia toxemia of pregnancy that, if untreated, can result in true eclampsia
Eclampsia convulsive seizures and coma that can occur in woman between twentieth week of pregnancy and first week of postpartum
Apgar Score evaluation of neonate's adjustment to outside world; observes color, heart rate, muscle tone, respiratory rate, and response to stimulus
Menopause cessation or ending of menstrual activity
Menarche first menstrual period
Menstruation loss of blood and tissue as endometrium is shed by uterus
Areola pigmented area around nipple of breast
Lactiferous glands milk-producing glands in breast
Glans Penis larger and softer tip of penis
Prepuce also called foreskin; protective covering over glans penis
-gravida pregnancy
-para to bear
Chancroid highly infectious nonsyphilitic venereal ulcer
Chlamydia Bacterial infection causing genital inflammation in males and females
Genital Herpes Spreading skin disease that can appear like a blister or vesicle on the genital region of males and females
Genital Warts Growth of warts on the genitalia of both males and females that can lead to cancer of the cervix in females
Gonorrhea Sexually transmitted bacterial infectin of the mucous membranes of either sex
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Sexually transmitted virus that attacks the immune system
Sexually Transmitted Disease Disease usually acquired as the result of sexual intercourse
Syphilis Infectious, chronic, bacterial venereal disease that can involve any organ
Trichomoniasis Genitourinary infection caused by a single cell protist that is usually without symptoms in both males and femals
Meconium substance that collects in intestines of fetus and becomes first stool of newborn
Placenta also called afterbirth; organ attached to uterine wall composed of maternal and fetal tissues
Colostrum thin fluid first secreted by breast after delivery
Endometriosis abnormal condition of endometrium tissue appearing throughout pelvis or on abdominal wall
Creatinine Clearance test of kidney function
BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy
GYN gynecology
D & C dilation & curettage
Cystectomy excision of bladder
Cervical pertaining to the cervix
Uterine pertaining to uterus
Prostatic pertaining to the prostate gland
Mammary pertaining to breast
Nephropathy kidney disease
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