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cvs test study notes 2

CVS largely controlled by Nervous system
largely affected by hormones
hearts abilty adjust strength of contraction based on amount of blood in chambers
layer 1 endocardium
endocardium lines the inside of the heart
layer 2 myocardium
myocardium thickest layer
layer 3 pericardium
pericardium double membrane
lungs right
body left
bundle of his right
SA node pacemaker
purkinse fibers left
atrial ventricle left
arteries high o2 blood....carry blood away from the heart... muscular layer
pulmonary artery only artery that carries non oxygenated blood
veins carry blood to the heart... low o2
pulmonary vein only vein that carries high o2
veins jobs gravity & movement of surrounding muscle to veins
capillaries microscopic..... carries blood between veins
heart weight less than 1 pound
size your fist
how many liters of blood does it pump 5
manufactures every...days in bone marrow 90-100
beats per day 100,000
thoracic cavity base: superior apex: inferior apical
acadiac arythmia pacemaker defect poor ciculation
rheumatic heart diseae bacterial infection strp throat SOB CP
atherosclerosis artery hardening vessels narrow controled diet exercise medicine surgery
myocardial infarction heart attack
myocardial infarction signs fat build up Ischemia blood flow CP fatigue indegestion nausea left side pains
myocardial infarction women only neck pain
CABG coronary artery bypass graft
anuerysm huge blow out congenital
phlebittis swelling stiffness pain
varicose veins sstanding for long periods of time treatment of exercise elevation supportive hosery surgical correction
assessments 1 get vital signs
vital signs blood pressure pulse rates
assessment 2 check blood pressure
assessment 3 listen to the heart
assessment 4 echocardiogram
assessment 5 cardiac catherizatoin
cardiac catherization shoot die throught it
tachycardia above 100
bradycardia below 60
silent killer high BP
hypertension high stress
Created by: cheerchik3