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Anatomy Exam 3 Terms

It is possible to determine if a child's long bone is growing by examining a radiograph of the epiphyseal plate
What is an example of an irregular bone? Bones of the backbone
What is not a function of bones? contraction
Osteoblasts are bone-forming cells
Osteocytes are mature bone cells
Osteoclasts are bone cells that resorb bone tissue
Compact bone has tightly packed tissue that is sold, strong, and resistant to bending
Spongy bone has cancellous bone that reduces the weight of bone
(T or F)Normal bone growth requires adequate amounts of calcium, phosphate, and vitamin E False
Does calcitonin make blood calcium levels increase or decrease? decrease
What is not found in spongy bone? Osteons
What kind of cartilage is articular cartilage? Hyaline cartilage
The white material that reduces friction at the ends of bones is called articular cartilage
Osteoclast activity is increased by parathyroid hormone
What are some functions of the skeletal system? Protection of organs, storage of inorganic salts, interaction with muscles for movement, responsible for blood cell production
The axial skeleton includes skull, hyoid bone, thoracic cage, and vertebral column
Exercise_____ and ______ bones thickens, strengthens
The presence of an epiphyseal plate indicates that the bone is lengthening
A bone includes living material and nonliving material
Compact bone has ____, whereas spongy bone has ____. tightly packed tissue that is solid, strong, and resistant to bending; cancellous bone that reduces the weight of bone
A synovial membrane secretes synovial fluid
What are examples of synovial joints ball-and-socket, hinge, saddle, pivot, gliding, condyloid
Ball-and-socket hip, shoulder-rotational movement
Hinge elbow or knee-allows movement in one plane
saddle thumb-rotate a little
pivot shake head, pivot
gliding carpal, tarsal, intervertebral- sliding past each other; limited movement
condyloid wrist, fingers- fingers to palm
Articular cartilage receives oxygen and nutrients from surrounding synovial fluid
A joint capsule is reinforced by ligaments binding articular ends of bones together
A synchondrosis allows bone growth
A syndesmosis is a fibrous joint in which an interosseous ligament binds bones
Fibrocartilage discs that divide the joint into two compartments is called menisci
Cartilagenous joints are connected by hyaline cartilage or fibrocartilage
What are some types of fibrous joints? sydesmosis, sutures, gomphosis
The joint that separates two vertebrae is a symphysis that is amphiarthrotic
Lifting the arm horizontally to form a right angle with the side of the body or moving a part away from the midline abduction
What are some functions of joints? Often contain cartilage, bind bones, enable body parts to move, allow bones to grow
A sprain involves overstretched or torn ligaments and tendons in a joint
Joints are also called articulations
A gomphosis is a ____ joint. fibrous
The meniscus is in the knee
Bones of a synovial joint are held together by a joint capsule.
What is true about skeletal muscle? Every muscle fiber receives a branch of an axon from the nerve
The muscle primarily responsible for an action is the prime mover
Threshold stimulus is the minimal amount of energy required to contract a muscle fiber
A muscle that assists a prime mover is a synergist
The outermost layer of connective tissue surrounding a skeletal muscle is the epimysium
Myofibrils are composed primarily of actin and myosin
A sarcomere extends from one Z disk to an adjacent Z disk
The enzyme acetylecholinesterase causes acetycholine to decompose
Cordlike and connects muscles to bones tendon
a broad, fibrous sheet of connective tissue that connects muscles to muscles aponeurosis
The amount of oxygen liver cells require to react with lactic acid to produce glucose or glycogen oxygen debt
The striated appearance of skeletal muscle results from the sarcomere organization
A motor unit is a motor neuron and the muscle fibers connected to it.
Creatine phosphate supplies energy for the sythesis of ATP
Transverse tubules and sarcoplasmic reticulum are well developed in skeletal muscle fibers
Muscle fibers are basically a collection of sarcomeres
(T or F) ATPase is located in myosin cross-bridges True
What are some functions of muscles? distributions of heat, the heartbeat, muscle tone, moving bones
What surrounds a fasciculus? perimysium
What are channels that open or close in response to changes in the electrical charge or voltage across the plasma membrane? voltage-gated ion channels
In muscle contraction, ATP supplies energy for myofilament movement
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