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Czech History

The History of the Czech Republic

During the reign of _____, Prague became one of Europe's biggest cities Charles IV
The Slavs, the central Asian people who settled in the Czech Republic, came from the _____-Carpathian Region Black Sea
The _____ Principality arose in the 8th century Moravian
The ____ state emerged in the 10th century and was unified by the Premyslid Dynasty Bohemian
The Capital of the Czech Republic is called _____ Prague
The Czech Republic was, for most of the second half of the 20th century, united with ______ as a nation called Czechoslovakia Slovakia
The rebels against the catholic Holy Roman Empire were known as the ________ Hussites
The age of from 1620 to the late 18th century was known as the Czech _______ Ages Dark
Serfdom was not completely abolished until ____ 1848
The dictator ____ _____ took over Czechoslovakia before World War II Adolf Hitler
The Hussite Movement was named after ____ Hus Jan
In November 1989, the Czech Republic returned to democracy with the ______ revolution Velvet
The Czech Republic is sometimes called the ____ of Europe, because it is in the center of the continent Heart
Before the arrival of the slavs in the 6th century, this area was inhabited by celtic and _____ tribes Germanic
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