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Med Terms Ch. 9

ch. 9 med terms

ad- toward
anti- against, opposing
endo- within
ex-, exo- outside, away from
hyper- excessive, abnormally high, above
hypo- under, below normal
para- near, alongside, departure from normal
syn- together, joined
acid/o solution or substance with a pH less than 7
acr/o extremity
aden/o gland
andr/o male
calc/i calcium
cortic/o tree bark, outer covering, cortex
crin/o to secrete
dips/o thirst
gluc/o glucose, sugar, sweet
glyc/o, glycos/o glycogen (storage form of sugar), glucose, sugar, sweet
hormon/o to set in motion
kal/i potassium
ket/o, keton/o ketone bodies (a by-product of fat metabolism0
lob/o rounded part, lobe
myx/o mucus
natr/o sodium
ophthalm/o eye
pancreat/o pancreas
ren/o kidney
thyr/o shield, thyroid
tox/o poison
ur/o urine
-drome run, running
-edema swelling
-emia condition of blood
-ism condition or disease
-megaly abnormally large
-oid resembling
-osis condition of
-penia abnormal reduction in number, deficiency
-plasia shape, formation
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