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European Government and Economics

customs & habits of a society will determine what will be produced & how it will be distributed & consumed (Usually includes bartering, rather than money). Traditional economies are becoming more rare. Traditional economy
Government will determine what will be produced & how it will be distributed & consumed. Government will set prices and set regulations (rules) that industries must follow. command economy
Individuals, private companies, & consumers will determine what will be produced & how it will be distributed & consumed. Individuals and companies are allowed to produce freely without government interference. Market economy
Give a 20th century example of an autocratic government in Europe. czarist Russia
What is another name for a dictatorship? Autocracy
Central gov has most power unitary
regional gov has most power confederation
People make most decisions federal
How does Germany distribute power in its goverment system? federal
How is power distrubuted in France unitary
In which type of government does the central government have the authority to hire and fire governors or other state leaders? unitary
Which government type has the least amount of citizen participation? autocracy
. How does the United Kingdom distribute power in its government system? unitary
Name two predominant forms of democracy parliamentary and presidential
. What is another name for a representative democracy? republic
How is a presidential democracy different from a parliamentary democracy? Pres. people elect pres. par. elects head of state usally called prime minister
What kind of democracy does the U.S. have? prisedential democratcy
. What is the purpose of the European Union? to reduce trade barriers
40. What 3 members of the EU do not use euros? sweeden, uk, denmark
What 3 questions must all economic systems answer? whom, when, where
43. How do traditional, command, and market economies answer the 3 economic questions? traditional-culture. command-goverment. market-people
Where are Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia on the economic continuum we discussed in class? russia 51%. germany 71%free. uk 74%free
Of the three countries, which economic system has the most government control russia out of germany and uk
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