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Political Science 13


Administrative Law Judge can administer oaths, seek evidence, take testimony, makes factual and legal determinations, and render decisions.
Budgetary Process the process through which annual federal spending and revenue determinations are made.
Bureaucracy is a system of organization and control that is based on three principles: hierarchy authority, job specialization, and formalized rules.
Hierarchy authority refers to a chain of command whereby the officials and units at the top a bur have authority over those in the middle, who intern have control over those at the bottom.
Job specialization specially defined duties for each job position and to a precise division of labor with in the organization.
Formalized rules are established procedures and regulations by which a bureaucracy conducts its operations. (enables workers to make quick and consistent judgments because based on precise rules, not case-by-case ones.
(executive) Cabinet departments 15 of them (i.e: Dep of Justice; lead by aut general / Dep of state / Dep of defense)
Clientele groups people who benefit directly from gov't agency's programs.
Independent agencies (2 examples) resemble the cabinet departments but typically have narrower are of responsibility. (CIA , NASA)
Regulatory agencies (2 examples) created when congress recognizes the need for ongoing regulation of a particular economic activity. (FDA, EPA)
Government corporation (2 examples) (similar to private corps) receive fed funds to help "defray" operating expenses, and their directors are appointed by the president and approved by the senate. (FDIC, US Postal Service)
Presidential Commissions (2 examples) provide advice to the president and address key areas of policy.(Commission of Civil Rights and Commission of Fine Arts)
Pendleton Act stopped "the spoils system" with "Merit"
Whistleblowing the act of reporting instances of official mismanagement.
Patronage System (another name) Spoils system
Administrative agencies chief task POLICY IMPLEMENTATION (wide discretion in some areas)
Rule making through the power of law agencies make rules.
Source of bureaucratic power Expertise, Clientele groups, and Alliance with branches.
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