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Ch. 12 Study Guide

HAP (Blood System)

How much blood does the average adult have? 5 Liters
What is the name of the liquid portion of whole blood? Plasma
What is another name for red blog cells? Erythrocytes
What is another name for platelets? Thrombocytes
What is the average life span of a red blood cell? 120 days (4 months)
What two compounds significantly influence the production of red blood cells? Vitamins B₁₂, Iron, and folic acid
Too few red blood cells or too little hemoglobin causes a condition known as ______________. Anemia
What occurs after an infection when excess numbers of leukocytes are present? Leukocytosis
What occurs from a variety of conditions (including AIDS)? Leukopenia
What organs remove damaged and old red blood cells from circulation? Liver and Spleen
What is a healthy humans total white cell count range? 5,000-10,000 per cubic millimeter
What is the primary function of white blood cells? Defend the body against infection
How is the protein Albumin important in the blood? Maintain the osmotic pressure of the blood and account for 60% of the plasma proteins
How is the protein Gobulin important in the blood? Comprising 36% of the plasma proteins, are designated as alpha, beta, and gamma globulins
How is the protein Fibrinogen important in the blood? (4%) plays a primary role in blood coagulation (clotting factor)
What is a thrombus? A clot that forms abnormally in a vessel
What is an embolus? A thrombus that dislodges itself
In an emergency blood transfusion where no cross match can be made, the Universal Donor would be someone with what ABO blood Type? Type O
In the ABO blood group, the Universal Recipient would be a person who has what ABO Blood type? Type AB
An Rh positive baby inside an Rh negative female is at risk of developing a condition called _______________. Erythroblastosis fetalis
What type of leukocytes are elevated with bacterial infections? Neutrophils
What antigens does blood type AB have? A and B
What antibodies does type A have? Anti-B
What antigens does blood type B have? B
What antigens does blood type O have? None
What antibodies does blood type O have? Anti-A and Anti-B
What antibodies does type B have? Anti-A
What antibodies does type AB have? None
What antigens does Rh + have?
What antibodies does Rh + have?
What antigens does rh - have?
What antibodies does rh - have?
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