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the oath of hippocrates was writen by hippocrates
the basis of the oath of hippocrates is do no harm
etiquette courtesy, customs, manners
scope of practice guidelines that designated the limitations of a professionals skill, knowledge, and abilities and the law
in what ways can a MT have limitations on their scope of practice educational, personal biases, life experiences, specific interests, physical limitations
what are standards of care day to day responsibility
define the elements of which one is called a professional client-centered fiduciary relationship structure safety power differential
boundaries certain limit
what elements influence the ethical decision making process duty, rights, and character traits
dual relationship natural aspect of human interactions where human beings naturally develop multiple relationships in various environments
transference clients have feelings for MT
counter-transference having feelings for client
power differential this element is inherent in any situation in which there is an assumed authority
repression holding back
projection blame someone for something else
supervision someone trained in listening
OSHA occupational and safety health act
what does OSHA protect the employee from ensure employers provide employees with an environment free from hazards
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act
what is the primary purpose of HIPAA protection of privacy and confidentiality of care info including info that is at rest, movement, electronic, oral or written
IIHI individually identifiable health information
notice of privacy practices document that describes the types of uses and disclosures that are permitted for treatment, payment and health operations
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