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poly sci 14

state in europe all branches of the national political system what Americans call the govt
Deadlock in presidential systems executive and legislative branches blocking each other
minister head of ministry equivalent to U.S. departmental secretary
chancellor Germany's prime minister
premier France's and Italy's prime ministers
Knesset Israel's 120-member unicameral parliament
Dissolve Send a parliament home for new elections
Tory Nickname for British conservative
Impeachment indictment by the House for senate to try the president
KGB soviet committee on state security powerful intelligence and security agency
Appropriation Government funds voted by legislature
Minisrty Major division of executive branch equivalent to U.S. department
X axis The horizontal leg of a graph
Y axis The vertical leg of a graph
Line graph connection of data points showing change over time
Bar graph stand-alone data points comparing categories
Bureaucracy the career civil service that staffs government executive agencies
Career professional civil servant not political appointee
Five-year plans Stalin's plan for rapid, centrally administered soviet industrial growth
Nomenklatura List of top soviet positions and those eligible to fill them the soviet elite
Vice minister Top bureaucrat in a Japanese ministry
MITI Japans ministry of international Trade and Industry
Junker (Pronounced: YOON-care) Prussian state nobility
Merit civil service one based on competitive exams rather than patronage
Apolitical Not interested or participating
Bureaucratic politics infighting among and within agencies to set policy
Productivity The efficiency with which goods or services are produced
Created by: keeganpacic
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