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Sex Education 9

What is a goal? Something you desire in the future that you are willing to work towards in the present
How to set a goal See it, State it, Start it
Barriers to making good decisions Acting before thinking, Accepting others' decisions in order to fit in, Alcohol and drugs
Alcohol acts as what? A depressant
What is the leading cause of death for teens and young adults? Alcohol-related auto accidents
What is rape? When one person forces another person to have sex
Female adolescents are what for becoming victims of date rape? At high risk
How to make the best decisions Stop, Think, Go
No contraception failure rate 85%
Spermicidal foam failure rate 29%
Male condom failure rate 15%
Diaphragm failure rate 15%
Oral pill failure rate 8%
Depo-provera failure rate 3%
IUD failure rate 1-2%
Abstinence failure rate 0%
What is the most effective protection against HIV? Male condom
What is the least effective protection against pregnancy and STDs? Spermicidal foam
How many STDs are there? More than 25
How many people contract a new STD each year? Over 15 million
How many people in the US currently have an STD? Over 65 million
How many teens contract a new STD each year? 4 million
What is the most common bacterial STD? Chlamydia
How can Trichomoniasis be cured? With a prescription drug
What is the most common viral STD? HPV
Genital Herpes is what and has what? A virus, no cure
AIDS is the result of what? HIV
Abstinence provides what? The only 100% protection against contracting an STD
Relationships based on emotional needs are often what? Possessive and jealous
What is abstinence? Making an informed decision not to participate in at-risk sexual behaviors
Compatibility Areas Interests, Goals, Intellectual, Social Interest, Values, Background
Average age of first exxposure to Internet porn Eleven
Assertiveness Skills Set it, Say it, Show it
Three types of assertiveness Assertive, Passive, Agressive
Sexual arousal is what? Progressive
Created by: reneslacis