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Intro to ICD-10

Chapter 24 Introduction to ICD-10-CM

All letters are used in ICD-10-CM for classification systems except which letter which is reserved for what? U, reserved for new diseases of uncertain etiology.
In contrast to ICD-9-CM, which classifies injuries by type (sprain, fracture), ICD-10-CM groups injuries by what? site (arm, leg)
What does the 7th digit extention in ICD-10-CM represent? Visit encounter or sequelae for injuries and external causes.
ICD-9-CM V codes change to what letter codes in ICD-10-CM? Z codes
What fourth-character number placed after a decimal point is used to indicate some "other" specified category when a condition does not warrant its own subdivision? .8
What fourth-character number placed after a decimal point is used to indicate an unspecified condition, which means that not enough information is available to code to a more specific condition? .9
In 5-character codes what does a zero used as the last character represent? How about a 1? 0 without 1 with
In 6-charcter codes what does a one used as the last character represent? How about a 9? 1 with 9 without
Coders should recognize that a code with this notation should only be assigned when no additional infomation about the condition has been documented. (NOS) not otherwise specified
Notes designate codes that can never be used together because the two conditions represented by the codes would never occur together. This type of excludes note is easy to apply. Excludes 1
notes indicate that the excluded condition is a seperate condition that is not a part of or included in the condition represented by the code. Excludes 2
What does the 1st section in ICD-10-CM contain? chapters, index & tables? Chapters 1-19 & 21. & the table of neoplasms
What does the 2nd section in ICD-10-CM contain? chapters, index & tables? Index to the terms related to the external causes of morbidity and terms classifiable to ch 20.
What does the 3rd section in ICD-10-CM contain? chapters, index & tables? Table fo Drugs and chemicals, which is used to code poisonings and adverse effects of drugs and classifiable to ch 19 & 20.
In the switch from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM medical software changes will accomodate _characters after the decimal point for ICD-10-CM since iCD-9-CM accomidated _#. ICD-10-CM four characters after the decimal point.ICD-9-CM max was 2 numbers after the decimal.
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