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AG- Test One

Study Guide for Test One

Who proposed that a government depends on the people for the authority to rule? Jean-Jacques Rousseau
social contract An agreement between people and their leaders.
The construction of roads, schools, and hospitals, the building of armies, and the provision of equal access to clean water are services usually provided by local, state, and national governments
When is a government authoritarian, and not a totalitarian, regime? When its strong rulers are checked by other forces within society
What distinguishes monarchies and oligarchies from democracies? who participates in governing
Who formulated the idea that individuals have inalienable rights to life, liberty, and property? John Locke
What is one key issue over which modern liberals and conservatives differ? the role of the government
Advocates of which of the following political ideologies would support increasing the economic "safety net"? socialists and liberals
What pushed Great Britain into enacting new legislation that eventually incited the American colonies to rebel and declare independence? the cost of war with France and Native Americans
What radical principal lay behind the Declaration of Independence's premise that the people have a right to abolish a government? the consent of the governed
Which document(s) convinced many colonists to rebel against Great Britain? Common Sense by Thomas Paine
What event best showcased the inadequacies of the Articles of Confederation? Shays's Rebellion
What concept made the new government formed by the U.S. Constitution stronger than the government formed by the Articles of Confederation? national supremacy
Why did smaller states oppose the Virginia Plan? The plan made representation in the legislature proportional to state population.
Components of the system of Checks and Balances in the Federal government (between the three branches) Include Presidential veto, Judicial Review, Advice and Consent of the Senate.
The Supreme Court case that established the Supreme Court's power to interpret the U.S. Constitution (Judicial Review) Marbury v. Madison
The inclusion of the Bill of Rights the U.S. Constitution was based on demands made by the Anti-Federalists
Amendments to the U.S. Constitution can only be ratified if approved by three-fourths of state legislatures or three-fourths of special state conventions
The government system established under the Articles of Confederation is an example of confederal system
The United States today is an example of federal system
The most popular type of government system that most countries have today is the Unitary system
They authority to raise money, make policy, implement policy, and establish courts are examples of Concurrent powers
Which Supreme Court case affirmed that national law is supreme to conflicting state law (Doctrine of National Supremacy) McCulloch v. Maryland
The event that led to the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935 The Great Depression
The branch of government that oversees Interstate Compacts Congress
The power relationship that prevailed between the national government and the states between 1789 and 1932 Dual Federalism
Presidents are most closely associated with new federalism, or devolution Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan
which constitutional amendment (1913)powerfully enhanced the national government's ability to raise money? Sixteenth Amendment
Which type of governmental transfer of funds gives states the most latitude in the use of the money? Block Grants
The first ten Amendments to the Constitution that limited the power of the Federal Government The Bill of Rights
The year that selective incorporation of the Bill of Rights was extended to the states for the first time. 1925
means of political expression guaranteed under the Constitution speech, assembly, petition, and the press
Picketing, flag burning, or wearing an armband are all examples of symbolic speech
The principle of prior restraint, established in the case of Near v. Minnesota, is about censorship
Religion clauses of the First Amendment bar the government from establishing a national religion, from favoring one group over another, and from interfering with individual religious practices
Supreme Court case that ruled against formalized prayer in schools Engel v. Vitale
Supreme Court case, decided in 1965, established the right to privacy Griswold v. Connecticut
four amendments known together as criminal due process rights Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth
A procedure allowing the people to vote to dismiss an elected official from office before his or her term has expired Recall
The Great Compromise proposed a bicameral legislature with equal representation in the Senate
Civil liberties represent something that the government must do, such as guaranteeing to individuals a privilege
The New York Times v. United States case affirmed the no prior restraint doctrine
The Supreme Court has based the right to privacy on The First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and the Ninth Amendments
Defamation in writing Libel
A government where an elite few hold power Oligarchy
Government in which supreme power of governance lies in the hands of citizens. Democracy
a form of government structured by law, provides for limited government—a government that is restricted in what it can do so that the rights of the people are protected. Constitutionalism
an economic system in which the means of producing wealth are privately owned and operated to produce profits. Capitalism
an integrated system of ideas or beliefs about political values in general and the role of government in particular. Political ideology
Created by: Minooshw
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