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TKAM 7-9

chapters 7-9

Perpetual (adj.) continuing forever
Cleave (v.) to cling to a person or thing closly
Palate (n.) sense of taste
Aberrations (n.) the act of differing from a normal state: disorder of mind
Adjacent (adj.)lying next to or near : having a border or point in common
Unfathomable (adj.) impossible to understand
Procure (v.) to get possession of
Plait (v.) to pleat : to make by braiding
Gastric (adj.)relating to the stomach
Compensation (n.) to act of making equal return to
Ingenuous (adj.) showing childlike simplicity and straitfowardness
Analogous (adj.) showing resemblance in some details between things otherwise unlike
Wary (adj.) very cautious
Provocation (n.) something that provokes
Indicative (adj.) Pointing out something
Gravitate (v.) to move toward something
Fanatical (adj.) overly enthusiastic or devoted
Attire (n.) Clothing
Deportment (n.) manner of conducting oneself : behavior
Isolate (v.) to keep apart from others
Constitute (v.) to appoint to an office : to establish
Mortify (v.) to embarrass greatly : humiliate
Tentatively (adv.) not fully developed
Obstreperous (adj) noisy and hard to control
Invective (adj.) harsh or insulting words
Created by: fifilaxer