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Ch. 14 Vocab Words

Definition practice for ch. 14 vocab test

What is to withdraw from a political union such as a nation called? secede
What is a Swedish official who protects citizens' rights and ensures that the courts and civil service follow the law called? ombudsman
What is the policy by which a country maintains military forces but does not take sides in the conflicts of other nations? armed neutrality
What is electrical power generated by water called? hydroelectricity
What is rain or snow that carries air pollutants to Earth called? acid rain
What is a small island called? skerry
What is an economic system in which businesses and industries are owned collectively by the government? socialism
What association developed after World War II promoted economic unity among the countries of Western Europe? European Community
What style of art creates an impression of a scene rather than a strictly realistic picture? impressionism
What is the reuniting of parts called? reunification
What is the outlawing of materials that contain certain information called? censorship
What is a person who openly disagrees with a government's policies called? dissident
Created by: RMSSocialStudies