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Muscular System

The three types of muscle tissue are... Skeletal, Smooth, and Cardiac
The two types of muscles tissue that contain striations are... Cardiac and Skeletal
The involuntary muscles tissues are... Cardiac and Smooth
This type of muscle tissue has branching and intercalated disks.. Cardiac
This two types of muscles tissue have a single nucleus... Cardiac and Smooth
Smooth muscles tissue is found... On the walls of the digestive system and blood vessels.
Skeletal muscles is covered by... Epimysium
Each fascicle (group of muscle cells) is covered by the... Perimysium
An individual muscle cell is a... muscle fiber
Each muscle fiber is covered by the... epimysium
The strong fibrous band of connective tissue that attaches the muscle to the periosteum of the bone... tendon
The movement of blood and lymph is a function of... Skeletal muscles
Maintenance of body temperature is a function of... Skeletal muscles
In a muscle fiber, the plasma membrane is called the... sarcolemma
Cytoplasm in the muscle fiber is known as... sarcoplasm
The endoplasmic reticulum inside a muscle fiber is known as... sarcoplasmic reticulum
In muscle contraction, the axon terminal of a motor neuron releases _______ into the synaptic cleft. acetycholine (Ach)
Acetylcholine binds to receptors on the... sarcolemma of the muscle fiber
Electrical impulses from the sarcolemma are carried into the muscle fiber by the... transverse or T-tubules
In the muscle fiber, calcium is stored in the... sarcoplasmic reticulum
Calcium binds to the protein ______ inside the thin filaments. troponin
When the troponin binds to calcium it causes the _______ to move aside, allowing it access to myosin binding sites on the ______ molecules. tropomyosin, actin
In the final stage of muscle contraction, the corssbridges of thick filaments, or _______, attach to the binding site and a power stroke pulls the thin filament toward the center of the ________. myosin, sarcomere
Extensions of the sarcolemma (plasma membrane) that go deep into a cell... T-tubules
T-tubules connect with the _________, which stores calcium. sarcoplasmic reticulum
A rod that goes from one end of the muscle cell to the other and is made of many bound sarcomeres. myofibril
The smallest unit of contractions is called a... sarcomere
The process by which acetylcholine is released is... exocytosis
When a muscle produces ATP by giving a new phosphate group it is known as... Creatine phosphate breakdown
When a muscle acquires new AP by using glucose and oxygen it is... cellular respiration
When a muscle acquires new ATP by using only glucose it is called... fermentation
The increase in muscle size is known as... hypertrophy
Fibers that tend to be aerobic and have more endurance are... Slow-Twitch fibers
Fibers that have many mitochondria, are dark in color, and resistant to fatigue are... Slow-Twitch fibers
Fibers that are anaerobic and good for strength are... Fast-Twitch fibers
Fibers that are vulnerable to the accumulation of lactic acid and can fatigue easily are... Fast-Twitch fibers
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