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English CW--Cromwell

English Civil War and Cromwell's Rule

Solemn League and Covenant Religion in England, Scotland and Ireland should be made uniform; i.e. toleration of some Christian sects In exchange for support of Scottish Army
Roundheads Parliament supporters--East and South (prominent commerce and agricultural areas)
Cavaliers Monarchy supporters--North and West
New Model Army Led by Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell Protestant exaltation--basis of morale, discipline, and will to fight Class that espoused Democracy
Rump Parliament The parliament reduced by Cromwell and his Army Condemned King Charles I of treason and executed him
Commonwealth of England England under Cromwell rule Moderate religious toleration
Pride's Purge Led by Colonel Pride Intimidation of Parliament members, responsible for the Rump Parliament
Drogheda and Wexford The site of a Cromwell-ordered massacre of rebelling Irish Catholics
Ireland Massacre of Protestants in Ulster, avenged by Cromwell
Plantation of Ulster Influx of English Protestant landowners and with it English culture/religion/ect replacing Irish Catholic landowners and Irish culture/ect
Navigation Act of 1651 Barred Dutch ships from carrying goods between the English, etc; attack on Dutch maritime supremacy
Wars for New World Dominance Acquired Jamaica, Caribbeans from Spanish Hapsburgs
Lord Protectorate Cromwell during the Military Dictatorship of England/Commonwealth Parliament was abolished Puritanism was the law of the land
Radical Political/Religious Groups: Levellers Universal suffrage of men, equal representation, written constitution, voice of the voters ex. John Lilburne
Radical Political/Religious Groups: Quakers Pacifists, who believed that all could have new revelations of spiritual truth, rejecting hierarchies and gender inequalities
Radical Political/Religious Groups: Diggers No private property; occupation/cultivation of common land
Radical Political/Religious Groups: Fifth Monarchy Men Religious fanatics who believed that world was coming to an end
Instrument of Governemnt Constitution under Cromwell Rule
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