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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Study Guide Terms

Jean Calas Protestant defended by Voltaire when falsely accused of murder
Deism Belief in God as Creator w/o reference to Christian dogma
"Emile" Rousseau's imaginary student in his book on education
Balthasar Neumann Rococo architect who built the Wurzburg Residenz
J.S. Bach Composer of the Baroque "St. Matthew's Passion"
W.A. Mozart Prodigy who wrote "The Marriage of Figaro"
Tom Jones Leading character in Henry Fielding's novel
"Spectator" Early magazine published by Addison and Steele
Jesuit Banned from France in 1764
Peitism Form of Protestant m,mysticism that emphasized good works.
Dictionary Pierre Bayle's attack on traditional religious practice and assumptions about Biblical heroes.
"Persian Letters" Montesquieu's critique of the French Catholic Church and monarchy
"Spirit of the Laws" Praise of the British gov't's checks and balances by Montesquieu
"Encyclopedia" attacked by censors for establishing "a spirit of independence and revolt"
Adam Smith criticized mercantilism
Francois Quesney agriculture greatest source of wealth
Rousseau’s "Emile" Blamed private property for the inequality of human society
Gibbon studied the decline and fall of he Roman Empire
Jesuits directed the education of young aristocrats
Enlightenment intellectual movement during the Ren. when certain thinkers & writers thought themselves "enlightened"
Montesquieu believed in 3 types of gov'ts, separation of powers, and politically active nobles
Denis Diderot Wrote the "Encyclopedia", and criticized Christianity
David Hume Philosopher who wrote "Treatsie on Human Nature' which gave way to the "science of man".
Social Contract Exemplified general will
"Emile" Rousseau's novel on education and self interest
Mary Astell Argued that women need to be better educated, in "A Serious Proposal to the Ladies"
Freemasons Believed in the Philosophe's ideas
"Vierzenheiligen" Baroque-Rococo style church by Balthazar Neumann
Franz Joseph Haydyn Composer of the Classical era - "The Creation" & "The Seasons"
Henry Fielding Wrote novels about wit and English life
Cesare Beccaria Punishment should be a deterrent, not as brutality - "On Crime and Punishment"
Carnival 40 days leading up to Lent - indulge in everything
Hannah More Created a charity school for poor children
Toleration Patent Lutherans, Calvinists, and Greek Orthodox can practice privately
"Jewish Problem" Massacred, but Enl. thinkers thought they were equal people
Nikolaus von Zinzindorf Criticized Lutheran clergy
Moravian Brethren Zinzindorf 's sect - Spread Pietism - personal experience of God was true religious experience
Methodism Aided each other in doing good works for salvation, headed by Wesley
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