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MA Chapters 7, 8, 11

Clinical Medical Assisting

Microorganisms transmit via animal
Common vehicles of transmission All except “portal”
Medical asepsis means Clean technique
After first Hep B Vaccine following doses are
Potentially infectious materials include Blood
Def. of Immunity The ability to resist infections and stay healthy.
Pathogens include all except Anerobes
Nonpathogenic microorganisms can become pathogenic when When they leave their natural environment
Common place for microorganisms to linger where they can affect others Door knobs
Outermost layer of skin Epidermis
Radiation used for sterilization is used when Only when other methods can’t be used
Sterile Indicators Go on/in packages
Decontamination All of the above
Instrument used to sterilize Autoclave
Cold sterilization agents – soak for how long 6-24 hrs.
Chemical disinfection is the method of choice for All of the above
Closed wound is… B & C
Proper positioning of patient provides Both A & B
Surgical instruments are classified by Function
When instructing patient it’s important to
As an MA you may be responsible for
Integument is AKA Skin
Ways to interrupt cycle of infection Both hand washing and PPE
Disinfection is accomplished by Any of the above
Def. of Sterile Free from all living organisms and spores
Physicians determine which anesthetic to use All of the above
Biopsies can be performed by Any of the above
Asepsis is Both clean technique and eliminating/reducing microorganisms
Foundation of sterile field is usually sterile drape or towel
Circulating Asst is responsible for All of the above (obtaining supplies)
Ability to resist disease Immunity
5 elements of cycle on infection Reservoir
What are universal precautions? Treat all patients and body fluids as potentially infected.
Instrument that uses steam & pressure is Autoclave
Term that means free from all microorganisms and spores Sterile
Two-pronged instrument used to grasp Forceps
Def. of HBV Hepatitis B Virus
What is a sterilization indicator Something that changes color indicating proper temp has been reached.
Difference between dressing and bandage Dressing is sterile. Bandage is not.
Invasion of body by pathogenic microorganism/s? Infection
MA’s should stay up-to-date on researching latex allergies T
Cilia means the middle layer of skin? F
CDC is a division of the USDHHS T
High-risk populations and healthcare workers should receive HBV vax T
Anerobes are organisms that grow only in the presence of oxygen F
Luis Pasteur is credited to have discovered that many diseases are caused by bacteria. T
Surgical asepsis refers to removal of disease causing organisms F
Examples of noncritical items are gooseneck lamp and blood pressure cuff T
Vasectomies are only performed in hospital under general anesthesia F
Post-op refers to before surgery F
A carrier person or animal can transmit disease to others T
Instruments cannot be ultrasonically cleaned. F
Anesthesia is partial or complete loss of sensation T
It is crucial that all healthcare workers following universal precautions T
Medical asepsis is also known as clean technique T
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