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Connective tissue

what is the main structural unit of the connective tissue the abundant extracellular matrix
what is the abundant extracellular matrix made of fibers and the ground substance
what are the fibers in the extracellular matrix made of collagen, elastin and reticular
what is the gel made of glycosaminglycans, proteoglycans, water and ions
what are three things that in total, make up connective tissue cells, fibers and the ground substance.
what are the two major groups that connective tissue is divided into ordinary and special connective tissue
what are the subcategories underneath the "ordinary" division loose, dense irregular and dense regular
what is the subcategory underneath the "special" division adipose tissue, cartilage tissue and bone tissue.
what type of cell forms the extracellular matrix of ordinary connective tissue fibroblast cells.
what chemical does fibroblast cells secrete and in what form they secrete collagen in the form of procollagen molecules.
what happens to the procollagen molecules when the are free within the matrix they join to form fibers.
when procollagen molecules form thick bundles orientated in a number of different planes, what type of ordinary connective tissue do they form? dense irregular connective tissue
what type of tissue does the procollagen molecules form when whey they make fibers that run parallel to each other dense regular connective tissue
which type of tissue are fibroblasts most abundant in ordinary connective tissue
is bone considered to be a connective tissue absolutely
what is bone made of cells and fibers that are embedded in a hard, mineralised substance.
what is the main structural unit of bone osteons
what sheaths the inside and outside surfaces of bones endosteum on the inside and periosteum on the outside.
what are the two layers or periosteum the outer protective fibrous layer and the inner cellular osteogenic layer
what cells are within the osteogenic layer osteoprogenitor cells
what do osteoprogenitor cells mature into osteoblast cells, which form the bone
what does "osteoblasts synthesise the extracellular matrix" mean? the osteoblast cells syntehsise the collagen fibers of the bone and teh ground substance of the bone which is called osteoid which is called prebone.
what must be present to allow the bone to calcify the local combined concentration of calcium and phosphate ions must reach a particular level that allow calcium phosphate deposition.
what happens when matrix secretion is almost complete the osteoblasts surround themselves with osteoid and they become osteocytes.
what are osteocytes responsible for they are responsible for maintaining the matrix of the bone
what is the "pit" called that an osteocyte sits in lacuna
what is lamellar and what age of animal is it found in it is found in aged animals and lamellar are a layer of collagen fibers that eventually form a ring pattern in the bones.
what is found within an osteon a series of concentric rings made from layers of bone matrix around a canal that has a blood vessel, lymph vessel and nerve travel
where are osteocytes found they are found been the concentric lamellae and maintain cell to cell contact
what allows the transport of substances between the blood vessels in the canal and the bone matrix the osteocytes
what are osteoclasts they are large, multi-nucleated motile cells, resorb surplus/inferior bone matrix. are needed for remodelling when there is bone repair or growth. also help with the removal of substranded/weakened matrix that must be replaced.
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