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P/R Life of JJP

Pershing Rifles Pledge Manual Life of John J. Pershing

Birth 1860 (13 SEP)
Role Model George Washington
Attended West Point 1882 (SEP)
Graduated West Point as 2LT 1886
First Assignment 1886 with 6th Cavalry in New Mexico
Professor at University of Nebraska 1891
Company A takes 1st at Omaha Drill Competition 1892 (45 man team practicing 2 times a day)
Company A renamed Varsity Rifles 1893
Pershing Rifles founded 1894
Pershing leaves University of Nebraska for 10th Cavalry 1895
PR loses prestige 1911
PR disbanded 1917
PR reborn 1920
National Headquarters established 1928 at University of Nebraska
First Female Pledge 1971 at NCSU
First Female active member 1972 at FSU
First female commander 1980 Paula R. Harmon
Teaches at West Point 1895-1898
Returned to 10th Cavalry for Cuban Campaign 1898
Promoted to Captain 1898 (En route to Philippines)
Promoted to 1LT 1892
Married to Helen Francis Warren 1905
First Child Born 1906 Daughter Helen
Promoted to Brigadier General 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt over 862 officers: 257 Captains
Second Child Born 1908 Daughter Anne
Third Child Born 1909 Son Warren
Fourth Child is Born 1912 Daughter Mary Margaret
Family Killed in Fire 1915 (27 AUG) Only son Warren survives
Assigned to pursue Poncho Villa 1916
Returns to America from Mexico 1917
Selected to lead American Expeditionary Force (AEF) 1917
Promoted to Major General with temporary rank of Full General 1917
Leads America's Army through the St. Mihiel Salient Offensive 1918
Returns to America from Europe as a hero 1919
Serves as Chief of Staff of the Army 1919
Promoted to General of the Armies of the United States 1919
Retired from Active Duty 1924 at 64 years old
Death 1948 dies at Walter Reed hospital
Created by: CadetDiaz
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