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Milo-Fari Mbaye

Who does Milo have a crush on? Summer Goodman
What is Milo's secret to unpacking? Only packing an essentials box
What happened to Milo's mom? She died
What does Milo do when there is nothing to watch on T.V? He goes to the end of the street and watches cars
What academic subject is Milo failing at? Math
What does Milo want to do to help him pass math? Be hypnotized
What is the top 5 Conversation List? Stuff Milo and his dad talk about
What superpower does Marshall want? Invisibility
What are Milo and Marshall trying to do before Halloween? Drink a whole Booger Breath Freezie
What did Milo's mom do at last minute for Halloween? Make Milo a costume
What was Marshall for Halloween? A scarecrow
What was Hillary for Halloween? A gypsy
Who showed Milo the haunted house? A woman who looked like Summer's mom
What really scared Milo in the haunted house? The Bloody Mary
What is Hillary's middle name Rebecca
Where did Milo tell Mr.Shivnesky he was going over winter break? The Bahamas
What is something Milo does over summer vacation? Sleepover with Marshall
What does Marshall think of Summer Goodman She is a stuck up snob
What did Milo and Marshall do when it snowed to get money? Shovel driveways
Who is the lady that lives on the other side of Milo Sylvia Poole
What does Hillary get Milo as a present when she comes back from Texas? A snow globe
What does Milo do on Valentine' s day? Tells Summer Goodman he likes her.
On valentine's day who does Milo get a note from in his Spanish book? Sylvia, his neighbor
Why does Hillary get mad at Milo? He exposed her doll secret to Marshall.
What present did Sylvia give to Milo to open later? A picture frame
What was so significant about the blanket at the yard sale? It looked like and maybe was the one Milo's mother had
Who does Milo meet at the orthodontist? Summer Goodman
What does Milo find out about Summer? She wears a retainer and is kind of normal.
What is the name of the flower Milo's mom liked The Forsythia
What was Milo's families secret pass code to say goodbye? Tuna fish
What do Milo his dad and his sister do on Mother's day to honor their mom? Put back all the family photos around the house and put back up their mom's stuff.
Created by: Fari1