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Charlie Joe-Fari

How does Charlie read books? He reads the inside flap, back cover, and first chapter
What arrangement does Charlie have with Timmy? He gives Timmy an ice cream sandwich and Timmy tells Charlie Joe what was in the middle of the book.
What are Charlie Joe's dog's named? Moose and Coco
Who was Charlie Joe's best friend from kindergarten to 4th grade that he still talks to? Katie Friedman
Why is Timmy worried that Eliza will tell her dad to put Charlie on the lacrosse team instead of him? Eliza likes Charlie Joe.
When Charlie Joe talked to Eliza about Timmy being on the lacrosse team,what happened? She knew nothing about the lacrosse team.
Why was Timmy mom at Charlie Joe's house? Charlie Joe and Timmy got busted for the reading scheme.
How long did Charlie Joe get grounded for the book scheme? 1 week
How long did it take Charlie Joe to read 18 pages of Billy's Bargain? 2 hours
What did Megan say she'd do for Charlie Joe? Read Billy's Bargain
Who is the love of Charlie Joe's life? Hannah Spivero
What town does Charlie Joe live in? Eastport
Who did Timmy start going out with? Hannah, Charlie Joe's crush
Who is Mr.Radonski? The evil gym teacher
What did Charlie Joe give Timmy as a peace offering? An ice cream sandwich
Why does Charlie Joe hate reading? His dad gave him a lot of books for h 6th b-day
What does Charlie Joe do when you say Mark Twain Cry
What is the Position Paper? A giant report that involves a lot of reading
Why was Charlie Joe trying to set up Jake and Hannah? So Jake would read his position paper boos for him.
During his Position Paper what was a special part? People stood up and talked about how they socialized with people not in their clique?
How did Charlie Joe's Position Paper go at first? It was a triumph.
Did Jake and Hannah's relationship go on after the Position Paper? Yes
What did Jake expose at the Year End Party? That he read Charlie Joe's Position Paper books.
What punishment did Charlie Joe choose? Write a book.
What conclusion did Charlie Joe come to? Writing a book is better than reading one.
Created by: Fari1
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