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Chapter 7 id cards

Absolutism a type of government where the king has total control.
Divine Right a theory of government where the king is believed to be granted the power to rule by a god/gods
Thomas hobbes political theorist who wrote the Leviathan.
Cardinal Mazarin advisor to king Louis XIV and his regent mother.
Louis XIV absolute ruler of France who ruled for 72 years. Also called the sun king.
Estates General an assembly of representatives from the 3 french estates: clergy, nobility, and commoners.
The Fronde A revolt among the french nobility. This occured to try reobtain their social and political influence they had lost.
Mercantilism an economic theory that encouraged the import of precious metals and exploitation of resources to create a self sufficient economy.
Jean Baptiste Colbert financial advisor to king Louis XIV of France.
Nobles of the Sword French nobles who held titles of nobility that dated back generation after generation.
Versailles Palace and site of the royal court of King Louis XIV.
Moliere Jean Baptiste moliere was a playwright who worked at he court of King Louis XIV.
Revocation of the Edict of Nantes King Louis XIV reversed the policies of religious tolerance passed under previous rulers.
Jansenism a religious group living on France Austria and parts of Italy.
War of the Holy League Conflict between Austria and the Ottoman Empire.
Junker Prussian nobles and land owners.
Great Elector Fredrick William Ruler of Prussia(1640-1688) He built Prussias military to create a militaristic society.
Ivan the terrible Ivan IV was a ruler of Russia. He was the first ruler of Russia to be crowned tsar.
Boyar Russian noble.
Time of troubles a period of anarchy and chaos in Russia.
Serfdom in 1649 Russian peasants were officially lables serfs. It was an extreme form of serfdom which boardered on slavery.
Peter the Great Ruler of Russia from 1682 to 1725. He was responsible for making Russia more westernized.
Table of ranks 1772. It was a policy created by Peter the great. Boyars were required to participate in either the army navy or government offices.
St Petersburg The new capital of Russia built on the Baltic sea. Peter the Great wanted the city's architecture to be modeled ofter western Europe.
Balance of Power A political idea suggesting that peace in Europe in directly tied to a balance of power.
War of Spanish Succession Military conflict over the succession to the Spanish throne after the death of Charles II.
Treaty of Utrecht signed in 1713 to end the War of Spanish Succession.
Bishop Bossuet he served as bishop and tutor to King Louis XIV.
Treaty of Nystad Treaty which ended the Great Northern War, a military conflict between Russia and Sweden.
Nobles of the robe Fremch nobles who purchased their titles from the king
Created by: Historymaniac