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Hostory Midterm


Oliver Cromwell early 17 - king of england given by parliment
Treaty of Westphalia Mid 17 - End 30 yr war, cuius regio, eius religio
The Starry Messenger Early 17- Galileo used telescope to view space, challenged church
L Etat cest moi Early 17- I am the state, Louis 14, legitamacy as king
John Locke Late 17- england philosopher, tabula rasa- blank slate, fears absolute monarch
William & Mary Late 17- Signed English Bill of Right- new cooperation with monarch and parliment 1688
Indulgences Early 16-Abuses in selling and granting indulgences- Martin luther against it, protestant Reformation
Martin Luther Early 16-German Monk, Iconic figure for protestant reformation, 95 theses, sparked 30 yr war, treaty of westphalia, cuis regio, eius religio
Philip ii Mid 16-Reign of Spain, Holy roman emperor, foremost european power, 30 yr war, spread catholisim
Peter the Great Late 17-Ruled Russian Empire, successful wars expanded tsardom, modernizing european
Versailles Late 17- centeralization for france, louis 14, symbol of absolute monarchy
Universal Values Late 17- Locke, Rousseo, Galilieo, newton,
Boredino Early 18- 1812, bloodiest action of french invasion of russia, lost and forced out back to france
Continental System Early 19- Foreign Policy of Napeoleon of france, (continental blockade) large scale embargo against british trade, try and cause inflation and great dept
The Spirit of laws Mid 18- Montesquie political theory, book, perservation of civil liberties and laws
Jean Rousseau Mid 18- Philospher french, social contract, general wil, national identity, france bankrupt, absolute monarch, enlightment
Spinning Jenny Mid 18th- Common thinker made, symbol of industrial revolution
Declaration of the right of man and citizens Late 18- 1789l first step writing constitution for france, enlightenment inspired
Sans Culottes Late 18- french revolution army, urban laborers, popular democracy, social and economic equality
Maximelien Robespierre Late 18- Figure of french revolution,support equal rights, and establishment of a republic ENLIGHTENMENT
Liberals Late 18-french revolution defining moment, workforce against gov handing out jobs,
Immanuel Kant Late 18- German Philospher, englightenment thinker, important worker on ethics, religion, law, "critique of pure reason"
Third Estate Late 18-Common people of france
Romantisicm Late 18- Opposed enlightenement,against reason/rational/ univrsal laws. subjective emotion, worker sacrificed to materialism
Concordat of 1801 Early 19- During French Revolution agreement between Napeoloen & Pope. Roman Catholic Church as majority church in France
University of France Early 19- Napoleon I in 1808, Education state organization. academics
William Radcliffe Early 19- British Inventor, power lom weaving, open large cotton weaving factory
Communist Manifesto Mid 19- Political Theorist , Karl Marx, Influential political manuscript. class strugle problems of capitalism. capatalist, socialism, communism.
Division of Labor Mid 19- worker "depressed spirtually and physcially to the condition of a machine" social division.
Habsburg Empire Mid 19-Multi ethnic empire, uprising seeking national rights
Nicholas I & poland Mid 19-Challenged by liberals, decemberist, increases censorship.
Decemberist Mid 19-8 killed, moved to small towns outside of Russia - spread ideas * culture
Auguste Comte Late 19-French Philosopher, desiciplince of sociology, doctrine of positivism Philosopher of Science Influence of 19th cent. Social Evolution. Focus studies on human beings
Social Darwinism Late 19-you must modify to survive survive, goes against church, biological concepts.
English Factory Acts Late 19th- Limit hours that could be worked in factories and mills, first passes for children and women
Cuius Regio, eius religio Mid 16 -noble man chose religion by region, after 30 years war and treaty of augsburg
Created by: JohnCharles